31 March 2008

BOTB/BIG Event Pictures Up, Send Me More Links!


Here are the links (video & pics) from BOTB, and the BIG Event at Centenary College this past Saturday. Let me know if you have any pictures and I'll link them here.

For anyone who missed the event, the winners were The Peekers, The Situation, and Missoni Lanza. Congratulations to all the bands that played. We all grabbed exposure!

Robert Trudeau



Shreveport Times Article on the BIG Event
Shreveport Times on Battle of the Bands
Trudeau on Peekers
Centenary on Battle of the Bands
& More Centenary BOTB Coverage

Shreve Audio
Courtyard Coffee
Replays Gameware
Disc Daddy, Inc.
Plato's Closet
Third Eye Tattoo
George's Grill
C.C. Hardman, Co.

[Updated links from Centenary News Dept.(apr3/08 3:27p)]
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29 March 2008

Schleuss Live Blogging the 5th Annual Battle of the Bands

Ladies and Gentlemen and the Transgendered,

I'll be live-mini-blogging the 5th Annual KSCL Battle of the Bands courtesy my twitter account. You can subscribe via text-message to my blogs if you prefer.

We're shooting for the shell, but I'll be monitoring the weather conditions. The shell should dry up before the event, but if we move, it will be to Kilpatrick Auditorium in the Smith Building. See you there!
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28 March 2008

If it Rains, BOTB to be in Kilpatrick Audiorium, Smith Building

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow for Battle of the Bands, but if it does it will be inevitable. We can't control the weather.

However, we at KSCL are littered with backup plans. That's why if the weather is bad tomorrow, we'll be hosting the 5th Annual Battle of the Bands in Kilpatrick Auditorium (campus map). Please update any and everyone you know. Or pray that it doesn't rain. ;)

It's still going to be rockin', so come out and support KSCL and local music. At KSCL, we look at the reverse of everything. So that "40% Chance of Tstms" really means 60% chance of beautiful weather. You can't expect anything different in this town, or this state.

Is someone watching out for us? Note the break in major storms over the entire state of Louisiana. (things move left to right) Happy dreams!

[Update: added new image (mar29/08 12:17a)]
phot creds to National Weather Service
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27 March 2008

Centenary Group to Hold Another Car Wash: Remove that Highland Pollen!

Fight Squirrels is at it again with a car wash donation. This Friday (tomorrow) from 2-6pm anyone can get their car washed at the Turner Art parking lot on Centenary Blvd.

The group is only seeking donations to boost their budget. They've hosted acts such as Better Than Ezra, Marc Broussard, and more. This year's performers are Ben Folds and Eef Barzelay on April 4th.

Those donating $10 or more will receive a Sonic Discount card.

For more information hit up Corey Shadd at cshadd@centenary.edu.
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Phantom Planet, Panic at the Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, and the Hush Sound to Headline 2008 Honda Civic Tour in Ruston, Louisiana [Concerts]

This was a weird byte in my inbox today. I'm definitely not complaining, but it's weird that LA Tech has the power to send Centenary students global emails.

So, at 4:30 this afternoon we all received a message from latechub@gmail.com. La-tesh-ub.

Louisiana Tech University will host Panic at the Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, Phantom Planet, and the Hush Sound in the Thomas Assembly Center on Thursday, April 17th at 7pm. Door opens at 6pm and admission price is $25. It's part of the Honda Civic Tour, which according to Wikipedia is an annual tour in which headlining bands customize a Honda Civic for audience members to win in a raffle. It's not the hybrid, instead a decked out sound mobile.

Tickets are on sale in Tolliver Hall at LA Tech, Ticketmaster, or 800-277-1700. For more information hit up the Union Board at Tech via latechub@gmail.com.

phot creds to alyssa
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25 March 2008

Live from NYC: The Dead of Night (Nancy Brown), the White Papers, Barton Carroll @ Knitting Factory [Podcast]

I'm excited to bring this to you. Another podcast episode. This one here is a project that Vanessa Boyd and I are working on.

Backstory on Vanessa:
Vanessa graduated from Centenary College in 1999, working on a French degree. She was KSCL's co-Program Director and a DJ. Now, she's a musician and regular artist living in NYC.

She and I started with the idea of Shreveport/Louisiana bands heading to New York. Vanessa would interview them, record live show bits, and get audience reaction. Well, not many artists from Shreveport make it to New York everyday. So, it morphed into bands from our Top 100 of 2007. Well, then we hit some more problems with no bands touring and a hard time getting into shows, the interview, the recording, etc. You can imagine the legal issues here. But the promotion for the artist would be phenomenal. KSCL would promote these artists via blog, podcast, and broadcast.

So, that's what we're doing here. Vanessa traveled to the Knitting Factory on February 24th and created a show from that experience. She met The Dead of Night (Nancy Brown), the White Papers, and Barton Carroll. It'll also be in our podcast (see links on right). The episode clocks in at 8'37".

Click here to download this episode.

I'm so excited this has finally taken off. She attended a Bodies of Water show on Saturday, so that's a up-and-coming show there. Special thanks to Brandon Davis for arranging the band interviews.

You can also hear the show live on 91.3FM this Friday and Monday, along with next Friday at noon. Stay tuned, we're working with some truly talented artists.

If your band would like to work with us on this project, contact me (jschleus@centenary.edu). We'll work something out!

more info on Vanessa Boyd at v2k.name and vanessaboyd.com

[Updated: switched wording on The Dead of Night / Nancy Brown (3/25/08 8:54p)]

photo creds to the white papers myspace
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24 March 2008

Boundary Lines: New Talk Forum Aired On KSCL

Boundary Lines is a new talk-based show I've been working on for the past year. And when I say 'been working on for the past year,' I mean I've been trying to find time to do it for the past year and been developing the direction of the show in my head.

My first episode which aired March 13 and 20 focused on Judaism in the world and in Shreveport. So I interviewed Rabbi Dr. Jana De Benedetti who is leader of the B'nai Zion Congregation in Shreveport, LA. Rabbi Jana has an extensive career which can be reviewed at her website, though most recently she has taught Hebrew and Intro to Judaism classes at Centenary College.

Boundary Lines has begun as a show that will offer open exchange of ideas and opinions. The next few episodes will focus on Faith in Shreveport. To promote interfaith understanding and dialog is my goal. I currently am a student of religious studies at Centenary College and so I choose some of these topics based on the issues I personally come in contact with.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for me you may email me, Tyler, at:


Images from:

Battle of the Bands: What you, the entertained, could win

After scouring the countryside in search of booty for our Battle of the Bands raffle I found several helpful businesses and individuals ready and willing to provide.

Here are most of the prizes you could expect to win... if you buy a ticket.

- Two Pipes Emporium Tee-shirts w/Zig-Zag Man logo
- $15 gift certificate- Disc Daddy
Tee-shirt from Disc Daddy as well
- $10 gift certificate- Replays Gameware
- $10 gift certificate- Courtyard Coffee
- $25 gift certificate- Plato's Closet clothing store
- $20 x 2 gift certificates- Third Eye Tattoo (formerly Modern Primitives)
Numerous product prizes from Third Eye also
- Dinner for two (2) w/ beverages & desserts- George's Grill
- $25 gift certificate- PieWorks Pizza
- $50 gift certificate- C. C. Hardman Co. (Art Supply store)

In addition to these prizes KSCL will be entering some winnable vinyl albums and CD albums of hit records from 2007 with grab-bag prizes of free CD's.

Raffle Tickets are $1.

Image cred to Google

23 March 2008

Centenary's Student Satisfaction Numbers In [Students]

The student satisfaction survey is over and the results are in. 490 students out of 809 completed the survey, which is 60.6%. That'll be enough to host the "town hall" style meeting where the results from survey questions will be displayed. Expect this in April.

Versha Sharma, editor of the Conglomerate, said in a note to students, "Put down the sudoku, get online, and see what happens. Everyone involved with it says the administration is taking [the survey] seriously - so should we."

Thanks to Enrollment Management Committee for doing such a grand job! Hopefully this survey will cite where Centenary is lacking and also point out where Centenary rocks.

photo creds to Rafa from Brazil
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21 March 2008

Schleuss Travels to College Station in Ruston, KLPI 89.1 FM [Road Trip]

Today I ventured to Ruston Louisiana, home of the Frothy Monkey and KLPI 89.1 FM, Louisiana Tech's College Station. I met general manager Blake Hosli and he gave me the grand tour. KLPI's setup is a bit more advanced and larger than what KSCL has. It's nice to see an alternative setup. In this business students really only have time to see their station, rarely anyone else's.

I found many similarities with Centenary's campus. As radio stations, we both have a lot of the same problems and achievements. KLPI is looking into internet streaming, as are we. They're struggling with finances, like us. And our staff numbers are about the same.

When I was the Music Director and talked to promoters, I heard one quote that's still with me today. "College Radio is the bastard child of the college." Ha! I don't know whether that makes me proud or peeved. I must say, however, that college radio struggles with the same issues, but mainly being understood by the "adults" in the administration. KSCL is extremely fortunate to have people like Michael Laffey, Kathy Fell, and Jerry France. I hope others are as fortunate.

I was a little lame-in-the-head today and didn't bring my camera. So, I stole one of their orientation pics.

KLPI was the product of a thesis paper in 1966. It grew at a slow pace, garnering more and more attention, much like KSCL. A lot of people don't know that KLPI helped the students at Centenary understand the rules and requirements of the FCC, back in KSCL's early stages. Currently, KLPI is listed as broadcasting with 4000 watts, but Blake tells me the physics department complained interference problems. So, the station operates at a lower frequency. The antenna sits atop Wyly Tower. "The tallest building in Ruston," John Ramsey tells me.

I found inspiration in my trip, hopefully bringing more things to KSCL's future. I hope the KLPI returns the visit to us. We will most certainly welcome them!
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KSCL Battle of the Bands Lineup Now Official

Just got done with the emails and such. Here's the list of performers (in order):

- 6 Pack Deep
- The Dark Pop Project
- And, Wellington
- The Situation
- The Peekers
- Chris James
- Missoni Lanza
- Midwest Caravan

The event will start at 1:00pm on March 29th. It'll be the Shell in the center of Centenary's campus. Rain location is Kilpatrick Auditorium in the Smith Building.

The winning band will win $300. Second and third will receive $150 and $50 respectively.

Raffle prizes are awesome. Sponsors include Strawn's, Pipe's Emporium, George's Grill, Third Eye Tattoo (formerly Modern Primitive), and more. I'll post more info about raffle tickets when I have the information at hand. I'll also post a link to our event poster.

Get excited! It's one of the biggest events in Shreveport's up-and-coming.

[Updated: added Facebook Event (3:40p 3/21/08)]

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KSCL Will Be Off the Air [Just Tomorrow]

I'm really ticked. Tomorrow the electricity will be turned off on the south side of campus. This includes the radio station. We just got word today, a mere 24 hours before it happens. The notice wasn't even sent personally to me, rather a global to the entire campus. Power will be down from approximately 8:00am until 4:00pm. Sorry fans, you'll just hear silence.

Facilities is doing work on an underground line near Jackson Hall. Gaw, all this hard work and Facilities still doesn't tell us warn us appropriately. This happened during winter break too. It's like we're not on anyone's priority list.

I won't stop anyone from sending a complaint to fcampbel@centenary.edu, the head of Facilities. I'm not telling you to do so, but hey! there's the link!

Radio Love! (be back shortly)

photo creds to Harraz
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20 March 2008

Futility or Hope? Science and Politics at the End of Life...

That's the lecture that Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Chris Hackler, Ph.D., will present on Wednesday, March 27th beginning at 7 pm in the Whited Room at Bynum Commons on Centenary Campus.

Hackler will be on Centenary’s campus beginning Tuesday March 25. During his week-long visit he will speak to various classes as well as hospice and health care professionals.

The Conglomerate, Centenary's newspaper, asked Dr. Hackler a few questions over email about which classes he'll be visiting, what his position was on end-of-life decisions, and what he hopes to accomplish at Centenary. The article can be read here.

Dr. Hackler joined the faculty of the UAMS College of Medicine in 1982 as the first director of the new Division of Medical Humanities. During his tenure there, he has published widely on topics in the field of medical ethics, health care reform, rationing of health care, and genetic engineering. Recent publications include edited books and articles in various medical and legal journals on the topic of biomedical ethics and health care reform in the context of an aging population.

He is currently working in the area of social issues in the use of genetic and reproductive technologies. He has been the recipient of Fulbright, National Defense, and National Endowment for the Humanities awards, has served as Chair of the Association of Faculty in the Medical Humanities, and has received the Distinguished Service Award from the Society for Health and Human Values.

And by the way, KSCL has secured an exclusive interview with Dr. Hackler next Thursday... be on the lookout for it!

For more information, please contact Chris Ciocchetti at 318.869.5246 or cciocche@centenary.edu

Find Shows, Find Music, Find Life: Browsing for Bands Playing Near You

Alright, so I don't go to a lot of shows in Shreveport. Of course there's the Actor's Cafe and Big D's (every once and awhile). The problem with Shreveport music is the law. There's very little to do if you're not 21.

So, many of us travel to Dallas, NOLA, and Austin to see good bands. But it's impossible finding shows unless you MySpace stalk your favorite artists. And that takes time. You can't do that if you're a full-time student with a full-time job.

But I have some tips and websites. I've found them through other blogs and our lovely radio promoters in the big cities.

Tourfilter.com: Let the Internet Find the Shows
Enter tourfilter.com. This is what my life was missing, for the past five years! Tourfilter, now three years old, scours the internet for shows and artists. It organizes all the shows based in different metro areas (like Dallas, New Orleans, Austin, etc.). Punch in your favorite artists and Tourfilter will email you whenever they're coming to town (or near town, as in our case). Shreveport isn't there yet, but at the rate they're expanding, expect smaller metros soon!

Pollstar.com: What's Shreveport's Schedule Look Like?
While it's been around for many years, pollstar.com still keeps up with current trends. I hate all the adverts, though. Regardless, Pollstar gives you the ability to search based on artists, venues, concerts, cities, and more. It's not very indie-friendly, lacking several shows with upcoming artists. Yet the site offers enough to give you the information you need in most situations.

MySpace.com: Popular Social Site Does City Scheduling Too
MySpace's music site offers even more show listings for a given zip code. It works by collecting venue information from each artist site. The user only needs to type in their zip. And zing! All the posted shows appear. The problem here is that you get a lot of junk and listings for sketchy shows. A few months ago I talked to a band that played in a guy's trailer in Bossier. The band was a little freaked out. I don't even know if there was a door price.

Hope that helps! Do you know any other ways to find shows?
Of course local shows (that are sent to us) are posted in our booth news.
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16 March 2008

Easter Break @ Centenary & Updates

Battle of the Bands is coming up. Make sure to sign your band up at ksclbotb@gmail.com. Also, I've posted the pictures from our Birthday/Benefit show on my flickr account.

Centenary's cleaning up the shell for Easter Services this Sunday. The Centenary Choir will sing and I'm betting Betsy will do some sort of service. It's down in the calendar to start at 6am this Sunday, March 23rd. Today, the Shell's got Maroon and Taupe colors.

On another note, thanks to everyone who came to Actor's Cafe this past Friday! It was a blast and a good turnout. The money from the door will be split between KSCL and the bands. We're working on building up our summer budget, so we can continue to run through the summer. It would be nice to get some major traction in this area. Next year, for sure, we'll be getting a different cut from student fees. I've posted pictures from this weekend on my flickr account.

The media heads are considering some more options to strengthen the paper, yearbook, literary arts magazine, and film society. Grants for a media computer lab and getting on-campus housing paid for are in the works. Stay tuned! Even though it's break, we'll be posting some podcasts and DJ shows will continue!

photo creds to me
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13 March 2008

Porcelain Arms Interview [KSCL Exclusive]

Nadine Kaskas, our News Director, interviewed Shreveport band Porcelain Arms on January 9th. The interview was in promotion of their Feb 2nd show at Harlequin Alley.

Porcelain Arms includes Ryan Veuthey, Will Hughes, Brian Fuge, Donnie Baham, Josh Holmes, and Larry Wright.

The interview is here (and in our podcast) and clocks in at 10'45".

The interview was recorded by Jon Schleuss and produced by Steven Turner.

photo creds to Mark Flentge
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12 March 2008

Diesel Pollution-Troubles and Treatments by Jack LeBeau, Thursday at 9:00pm, Centenary [Convocation]

Make this Thursday a green day! Head over to the Regions Tower for Michael Garrison's talk on the Petroleum Tower at 2:00pm. Then, Centenary will host Dr. Jack LeBaue this Thursday at 9:00pm in the Whited Room (map).

Dr. Jeanne Hamming, head of the campus environmental group, writes, "Dr. LeBeau is a medical doctor who takes a multifaceted approach to his job. He has served on the boards of multiple environmental organizations, taught classes at Arcadia University, and has also found time to research, all while continuing to practice medicine.

"He is specifically interested in environmental toxins and will be speaking about 'Diesel Pollution—Troubles and Treatments' on Thursday at 9:00 pm in the Whited Room."

There you have it. For more information email Dr. Hamming at jhamming@centenary.edu. Also, Trudeau posted information about the Petroleum Tower updates.

photo creds to waelpix

[Updated on 3/12 9:48pm: Time Change (11:10a-9p)]
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Centenary Student Awareness Week!

Organized on campus by College Democrats and Amnesty International, Centenary Student Awareness Week started Monday, March 10th and will go through March 14th.

There will be a Student/Professor Panel on Wednesday, March 12th at 5 pm in the Student Union Building to focus on these pressing issues. The panel will be divided into two sections: Focus on Darfur, and then Focus on Iraq. The panelists will include Dr. Rodney Grunes, Chair of History and Political Science Departments, Dr. Chris Cioccetti, Philosophy Department Chair and head of recent Ethics Forum, and Dr. Kim Vanhoosier-Carey, assistant professor of English and Director of the Academic Resource Center. The speakers will present on their given topics and then the session will open to questions.

In the Centenary "quad", Amnesty placed 3,000 flags to signify all those who have been displaced and killed by the ongoing conflict in Darfur. Each flag represents 1,000 displaced or killed Darfuri in Sudan.

In the shell, the College Democrats have a two-part display: the first to commemmorate the 4,000 United States soldiers who have died fighting in Iraq, and the second to emphasize the 935 lies the Bush administration told to stir up support for the war. The commemoration for the 4,000 soldiers is expressed through the display of 2,000 standing golf tees in the shape of a peace sign. This peace sign sits underneath a banner with 935 playing cards spelling the word "Lies."

The study that produced the 935 number was done by the Center for Public Integrity, who studied the statements of President Bush and seven top officials, including Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld. The period covered was from September 11, 2001 to September 11, 2003.

The war in Iraq began on March 19, 2003 - the Democrats' event will take place near the 5-year anniversary of the beginning of the war. More information can be found at www.publicintegrity.org/WarCard.

Amnesty International Presiden Megan Ottensen sums it up,

"As a college community dedicated to knowledge and connecting with the world, we hope to bring attention to major world issues that many Americans don't know much about. Because the Iraq War affects all of us, not just the soldiers and their families, each American deserves to know exactly why we are sending soldiers to Iraq, how this war could have been avoided, and what the war's longterm consequences may be."

On a more international scope, every college student should also know what the name "Darfur" means, where this region is (Sudan, Africa fyi), and why we should care that genocide occurs. The demonstrations in the Quad and the Shell illustrate the large scope of these conflicts, and I hope they will compel students to come to the forum on Wednesday to learn more from
fellow students and professors. I want them to ask questions, form their own opinions, and most of all, leave knowing more!

Lastly, there will be petitions and a draft letter at the forum to send to
students' congressmen about the war and Darfur."

10 March 2008

KSCL Update: Internal Musings

I wanted to push this information to the outside. For those keeping up, I spoke to the Student Government last Tuesday to give updates on the Station. In the first part I ran through what's happened since I took charge and what we're planning for the future. The simple answer to both these topics is pure growth. KSCL has grown so much. I'm very proud to be a part of KSCL, especially when KSCL's history is leading it into a very exciting future.

In "part deux" I transition into the spending of student fees for media and other organizations. I believe that KSCL deserves a larger "slice" of that pie. When around $115,000 comes in every semester from student fees, it only seems right to reward the growing organizations with more money; cutting money from the stagnant. The senate was very receptive and I am extremely hopeful for the future. There's more on the conglomerate's site. So, this is where we are now: a hopeful future, but a very poor summer.

Phase 3 is Schleuss writing for grants, kicking underwriting into gear, and finding someplace to live (hopefully on campus!). Stay tuned!

here's the google presentation
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08 March 2008

Raising Money for Ben Folds @ Centenary [Fundraiser]

Fighting Squirrels Productions is at it again raising money for their upcoming concert. While Ben Folds w/ Eef Barzelay isn't until April 4th, the group is covering costs, which at current word is about 5K. Everyone's invited to support Ben Folds at Centenary this Thursday, March 13th at 5pm inside Cici's Pizza on Youree Drive.

Student members of Fighting Squirrels will be waiting tables and serving customers. All the tips for the night will benefit the upcoming concert. For more information drop a line to Corey Shadd at cshadd@centenary.edu.

[Update: changed date to March 13 | 3/11/08/2:05p]
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06 March 2008

Ben Folds at Centenary, Shreveport [Fully Confirmed]

Here's the campus-wide email:

Hey Centenary!!!

Fighting Squirrel Productions Presents for the spring concert......

Who: Ben Folds with Eef Barzelay
When: Friday, April 4th, 8 p.m. (doors open at 7)
Where: Centenary Gold Dome
Cost: $15 in advance, $20 online (centenarytickets.com) and at the door

Tickets will be on sale in Admissions and the Student Life Office starting next week. Tickets are also on sale online starting next Monday!

notes: centenarytickets.com still isn't updated to reflect this internal confirmation. All very exciting!
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KSCL Birthday/Benefit Show on March 14 @ Actor's Cafe [Free Concert]

We're teaming up with the Actor's Cafe for a benefit concert on Friday, March 14th at 8:30pm. We're also celebrating our 32nd birthday! The cost of admission is a recommended donation of $5. The money will go to the performers and KSCL. The performers include AJ Haynes, Connor Davis, Kirk Reedstrom, Costas Dafnis, Jeffrey Gabriel, Josiah Rambin, and others. So, great mix of KSCL and friend's of 91.3.

The Actor's Cafe, formerly Bear's, is a refreshing music and art venue located on the corner of Fairfield and Southern Avenue, near the Body Electric Tattoo parlor. The Actor's Cafe is open to all ages, yet serves alcohol to those of age. Owner Jeffrey Nightbyrd is excited about his recent venture. He found the current venues in town weren't "fitting." So, he opened his own restaurant, bar, and venue. There are several concerts in the pipeline including art shows, belly dancing, open-mic nights, and on-stage monologues. Nightbyrd is very receptive to ideas and programs. Expect a lot of great things from this new, hip joint in Shreveport.

More information is at my previous post. Also, here's the Google Map for the event location. Come and support KSCL and spread the word!!

Special thanks to Jeffrey Nightbyrd and Susan Garner for making this possible!

photo creds to serdar
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03 March 2008

High School Students and Art @ Prima Tazza [Caddo Magnet]

Originally blogged by Robert Trudeau, I made my way to the Prima Tazza Art Show on February 15th, 2008. I interviewed teachers Shirlene Alexander and Holli Hennessy; and students Madelyn Porter and Gabbie Reynolds (in the photo). The show was a great event for Magnet. In fact, the space was completely packed with students and parents (and food!). It was difficult enough to breathe, much less move. However, I prevailed and scored some conversation with people, amidst the high chatter in the background. The show was produced by me, Jon Schleuss. The episode is available here. It clocks in at 7'20". Enjoy the tunes, too, Shreveport originals thanks to Chris Brown.

photo creds to Robert Trudeau
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02 March 2008

Year One, Movie Looking for Extras in Shreveport [Acting Opportunity]

thanks to Lauren Brown for the info!

Bam Casting is looking for extras this Tuesday and Wednesday in the upcoming film "Year One" starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. The group will need 600 extras each day. "If you or anyone you know would like to get paid to wear a silly costume and mostly sit around and read for 12 hours on one or both of these days call Bam Casting," says Brown. Bam Casting can be reached at 318-676-3548.

The group will shoot the Sodom City Scene both days in Sibley. Contact Bam Casting for more info.

Plot from imdb, " Two men wander through early civilization in biblical times."

photo creds to Green Tambourine

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Ben Folds Coming to Centenary Gold Dome, Shreveport [Confirmed]

It has just been confirmed that Ben Folds will be playing at Centenary on Friday, April 4th for Centenary's Annual Preview Weekend. Preview Weekend gives prospective students a chance to spend the night on campus and learn different things that make Centenary unique.

Thanks Allison, for the update. The Ben Folds Fan Club website lists the tour dates and tickets. Centenary's Gold Dome is listed for April 4th. Again, the ticket prices will most likely be $15 for everyone and $10 for Centenary students. Fighting Squirrels still hasn't released any official information, but if an
external site is hosting the info it'll only be a matter of time. To get tickets, check out centenarytickets.com. Nothing new is there, but expect it soon since this show will most likely sell out. Great job to the Fighting Squirrels for bringing in a good act. This will most likely help their bottom line.

I still think FSP should work with KSCL to save money on the artist/record co. connection. Oh well.

photo creds to Ryan Ellders
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01 March 2008

KSCL Manager Speaks Out

The following is an edited version of an article in Feb 29th's Conglomerate, Centenary College's student-run newspaper. The original is available on their website.

KSCL 91.3 FM, Centenary's radio station, has seen tremendous growth in the past year. Late last summer, we launched a blog and podcast. We've cleaned up our program schedule and posted this online as a Google Calendar. We've produced several interviews and posted them online. We've dramatically increased our education in broadcasting content and presentation. I'm extremely excited to be part of our growth. I'm happy to have influenced it.

While KSCL has become one of the "hippest" radio stations in northwest Louisiana, we have run into many brick walls. One problem has been the lack of support we receive on campus. Student media are often quickly forgotten on campus. SGA* forgets we exist. First-year students barely know anything about us. We're not on the priority list of many areas at Centenary. For the radio station, students pass up opportunities out of apathy or lack of interest, or both. Any student can apply to have a radio show. Any student can check out equipment to record interviews or present their research. We have an international reach with our website and a large physical reach with our FM transmitter. Still, students pass up these opportunities. While this is disheartening, we have other issues.

The largest problem that KSCL faces is a financial one. KSCL received the same amount of money from SGA as it did three years ago, before the upgrade. The upgrade expanded our listener base to the highest number in over 30 years. That's student-run media reaching a potential half-million people. Imagine the possibilities. Yet, receiving the same nominal budget isn't catching us up to our growth.

Running off the same budget has created many internal problems. For instance, we haven't been paying our staff reasonable wages. Our music director regularly clocks forty hours a week reviewing CDs, updating charts, reporting to record companies and promoters, and informing DJs of updates and news. Is it right for us to only pay the music director for eight hours a week (at minimum wage)? KSCL cannot afford to pay the music director more than eight hours a week, even though it's a raise from previous years. We've had to make serious cutbacks, all at the expense of our listeners and our college.

Another example is our ability to stream over the Internet. The chips have fallen into place. The financial resources have not.

After spending a year with these problems hanging over my head, I'm done. I cannot see how the station can grow if the college, and namely student fees, aren't "tuned into ninety-one-point-three." If policies are not amended, expect my resignation. There is no point in running a student radio station for the college if our student-fee percentage isn't allowed to grow when we grow. It is impossible to ask so much of the station's staff while giving so little in return.

The fiscally responsible move for KSCL is to shut down in May and reopen in the fall as school resumes. Shutting down KSCL will hurt the radio station's reputation in the community. This is Centenary's reputation, too. Shutting down the station could also grab the eyes of the FCC, which could mean fines to the college. However, it seems impossible to run the station if there's no hope from the school for the future. I vowed to never close the station, but I see little alternative.

The one alternative I do see is a commitment from SGA to reorganize student fees and distribute them fairly, justifying every penny. This is the only assurance I need to run the station throughout the summer. I understand SGA cannot do anything 'serious' to the student fees this semester, but there is next year. Commitments for the future can be made.

I propose that SGA review student allocations to Homecoming, CAB, the Media Committee, and all other areas receiving student fees. I propose that SGA pay media heads fair wages, as opposed to the sixty-seven cents an hour I currently receive. Student Fees should be justified! As a student, I put blind faith into the hands of SGA to promote this campus and encourage growth at our college.

I'm extremely hopeful for the future. I've put countless hours into KSCL making the best possible radio station for the students, college, and Louisiana. I now leave the future up to my fellow students.

*SGA is the Student Government Assocation on Campus. SGA regulates the majority of student activity fees totally about $115,000 a semester.

I enjoy your feedback, send responses to jschleus@centenary.edu or comment below.
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