30 August 2007

Just So You Know - KSCL

Hey all,

Here's one of the first shows we recorded last year. Allison Cormier and Jon Schleuss produced it. First recorded on Saturday, December 2, 2006. Dr. Beth Leuck interview on development of Youree Drive and the problems that faces animal species in the area. Music by Belle & Sebastian. Here's the link.
This image is from Google Maps and shows just how much of the natural habitat has been replaced with Krispy Kreme (the A) and Starbucks. Kohl's location is in the lower right corner of the photo.

28 August 2007

New Art Course and Speaker to Centenary

Okay, okay. So I'm behind Trudeau by about six days, but here it goes anyway.

Meadows Museum of Art here at Centenary will present The Highland Spirit House Project in conjunction with several exhibitions this fall. Here's the gist from the press release:  an art class, Centenary, and the community of highland collide with the final product being a house that "celebrates the spirit of Highland!'" This, as the release & Trudeau note, pays homage to the New Orleans structure Spirit House created by artists John Scott and Martin Payton. So, this could be an important landmark in our community in the next two years.

Currently, the museum is sponsoring a visit from Mathew Schwarzman to the class:  Art 295:  Intro to Community-Based Arts. He will also be working to "advance campus dialogue about diversity, community, building, culture, and the artist's function as an agent of change," says Leia Lewis, an educator & professor working with the museum.

The Centenary events calendar lists presentations & training by Schwarzman. The first presentation entitled "National Network of Community-Based Artists and the Social Change Catalyzed by their Work" begins on Sunday, Sept. 9th at 2p in the Meadows Museum.

Of course, the museum invites collaboration and input for this project from students, faculty, staff, and community members. This is mine, yours, and our! house. The museum's number is 318.869.5169.


Korean Film Comes to Centenary!

upcoming first friday film
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Wikipedia says that The Host is the most successful film ever in South Korea. It will be shown on Friday, September 7th by the Centenary Film Society. The screening begins promptly at 9pm in Mickle Hall in the Carlyle Auditorium. It'll be free and open to the public.

This event is the first of several "First Friday Films" featuring more independent flics. It's all in an effort for the Film Society to branch out even more.

"The film is a creature-feature with a comical edge," says Leo Kacenjar, media head for the Centenary Film Society. It's Leo's last year at Centenary and he's working hard. You should see him around. If you have questions about this or other screenings, you can contact him at lkacenja@centenary.edu.

22 August 2007

New DJs! SOON!!!!

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I'm waiting on Student Life to decide on the orientation fair thing for new students. I think this year will be awesome, I'm just so restless. It needs to happen. NOW!!!!

All the new students are moving onto campus today and we'll begin our fall semester in two weeks. Can you believe it? I can't.

See new students...you too can be like sammy and be a white rapper that also likes loud rock a little too much. then, of course, you can move to LR and work for the state crime lab. toast to sammy!

20 August 2007

Word on podcasting

Hey everyone,

Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't. But we've been playing around with getting some of our shows (mostly talk) on the web. Right now we're going to experiment with hosting the files on our server and linking to it in blog articles. Then you'll be able to subscribe to our podcast here. Just copy the link and paste it into your podcast grabber. If you're viewing this page with a browser, you'll just notice that some articles have links to audio file (you can click on them for the media files). So, it should be a win/win operation. You'll still get to see a pretty blogger blog and we'll be able to podcast through it. You'll also be able to subscribe to the blogs too.

16 August 2007


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Well, we all eventually have to get back to work, no? Centenary 2008 starts on Monday, Aug. 27 and what do we have to show for ourselves? We created a blog. We started a podcast (shhhhh! don't tell admissions). We had a lot of volunteer staff and DJs for an awesome summer. Oh yeah, and this was our first summer to broadcast at 2100.

So, you might ask, "What's next?" Well, KSCL is looking at getting into content depot and PRI/NPR/BBC, so we'll see what happens on that front. Right now we lack the hardware to get all the content to our productions booth. As soon as we get the fiber optics (or whatev) we'll be on the right track and probably devote the morning to talk radio from afar.

We also just got in our first shipment from all the grant money we were awarded last year. Audio recorders, mics, & mixers galore. I see some exciting things in store for us. Potentially, KSCL could be this radio station from Shreveport producing all this interesting programming about music, the war on terror, or even the ban on saggy pants in Shreveport.

Expect a schedule change to incorporate all the new DJs over the next few weeks. And get excited! we might just have some interesting shows in store.

09 August 2007

Acoustic Caffeine

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The info:
Chelsea Norman Band
Her Sweet Autumn Misery
& others
Starbucks on Airline Drive (in front of the mall)
Saturday, August 11th @ 6pm

The Scoop:

John Kay, Starbucks Barista extraordinaire, got inspired by an event at Starbucks on Line Ave. There, an acoustic show packed the house. Kay, with musically-talented friends (and friends of friends), decided Starbucks should do another show, this time with more performers. So, with the help of managers, fellow baristas, and friends Kay found a venue at the Starbucks on Airline Drive (in front of Pierre-Bossier mall). "If you give them the opportunity, musicians just want to perform," says Kay. Now they (and you too) have the opportunity to play an acoustic set at Starbucks on Airline this Saturday at 6pm. Call Starbucks on Airline for more info at (318) 549-2074. See you there!
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06 August 2007

No Music in Shreveport??

Just check our "booth news" link on the right. Notice the bolded "all ages or 21-and-up" shows. It gets updated almost everyday with "artsy-fartsy" events happening in our area.