30 September 2009

Congo Beat update!!!!!!!!!

well here we are its Wed. hump day the middle of the week and its lunch time the middle of the day. i don't know why i needed to explain all of this to tell everyone that tomorrow is the day before Friday which means it will be the day before the Conglomerate hits the campus. can't wait till then??? want to get a sneak peak??? then check out the blog thursday afternoon and see when we get it up and listen to DJ Barbosa at 6-8 thursday and we will try to play it then so check back!!!!!


25 September 2009

The Congo Beat

HEy Centenary community do you want to know whats in the conglomerate before you can get your hands on this weeks issue? want to hear from Todd Johnson the Editor in Chief? then look no further KSCL 91.3 Centenary College Radio and The Conglomerate, Centenary College's student run newspaper are teaming up to bring you the Congo Beat. join us each thursday when Todd tells us exclusively what to look forward in the new congo issue of the week.

24 September 2009

iwrestledabearonce baby

Our Loud Rock Director does an in-studio interview with the internationally famous/local band I Wrestled A Bear Once

You can check them out at http://www.myspace.com/iwrestledabearonce

And you can request their music right here on KSCL Shreveport 91.3fm Centenary College Radio

Blue Island Tribe'd! Yo!

Chris "Barbossa" interviews the cool and good feeling band Blue Island Tribe.

You Can check them out on http://www.blueislandtribe.com/

and you can request their music right here on KSCL Shreveport 91.3FM Centenary College Radio


Chris Jay from the Robinson Film Center Interviews Damon Breland, after the Rock-afire Explosion documentary, who owns a Rock-afire Explosion set. The Rock-afire explosion was shown at the RFC September 18 & 19 of 2009.

For more info go to Robinsonfilmcenter.org

and Check out our website at KSCL.FM

23 September 2009

KSCL 91.3 Centenary Quickcast

hello there world from KSCL we have started a new series called Centenary Quickcast where we will feature students, groups and organizations on campus and even maybe a professor or two. All so you members of the Centenary community can know what all is going on on your campus if you have any suggestions for a Quickcast be sure to email cmcbeath911@gmail.com Now check put our interview with William Harvey with the International Society

16 September 2009

Rock-afire EXPLOSION!

The new documentary film Rock-afire Explosion will be screening September 18 & 19th at the Robinson Film Center at 7:30 PM. It's a film about the creepy animatronic rock band from Showbiz Pizza. The Robinson Film Center will have special guest Damon Breland, who is featured in the film, who will also bring along his animatronic bear Billy Bob. More info is available at www.robinsonfilmcenter.org.

BUT THE BIG NEWS, (but we are not sure yet, it's a maybe) Damon Breland might come do a In-studio with us on KSCL! oooooooohhhhh!!!!

Tune into the top 30 Show this week Between 3-6pm we might be able do something For YOU that may involve the ROck-afire explosion!!!

Just a hint.... Be one of the first five callers

01 September 2009


Jean Hamming interviews the Members of P.A.C.E about their upcoming Film Festival

Check them out at Pacelouisiana.org

and you can hear their often unny and quirky PSA's on KSCL Shreveport 91.3fm Centenary College Radio

A Zuu of an Interview

The amazing band Zuu does an interview with the KSCL Kids

Check them out at www.myspace.com/zuu

and as always you can request their music at KSCL Shreveport 91.3fm Centenary College Radio