29 February 2008

Group to Hold "Free" Carwash at Centenary [to help bring in Ben Folds?]

The group rumored to be hosting an upcoming Ben Fold's concert is holding a carwash to raise funds for the performance [whether Folds or not]. Fighting Squirrels Productions, the concert group, will accept donations and wash your car, truck, or MINI from 9:30am to 2:00pm tomorrow, March 1st in the Turner Art Center parking lot.

"The money will be going to our fabulous spring concert!" says Mary Walter on behalf of FSP. The Turner Art Center is located on the corner of Centenary Blvd. and Rutherford Street.

photo by rebekka

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Allison said...

ben is coming. it's on his website.


Schleuss said...

Thanks for the info.
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