12 March 2008

Diesel Pollution-Troubles and Treatments by Jack LeBeau, Thursday at 9:00pm, Centenary [Convocation]

Make this Thursday a green day! Head over to the Regions Tower for Michael Garrison's talk on the Petroleum Tower at 2:00pm. Then, Centenary will host Dr. Jack LeBaue this Thursday at 9:00pm in the Whited Room (map).

Dr. Jeanne Hamming, head of the campus environmental group, writes, "Dr. LeBeau is a medical doctor who takes a multifaceted approach to his job. He has served on the boards of multiple environmental organizations, taught classes at Arcadia University, and has also found time to research, all while continuing to practice medicine.

"He is specifically interested in environmental toxins and will be speaking about 'Diesel Pollution—Troubles and Treatments' on Thursday at 9:00 pm in the Whited Room."

There you have it. For more information email Dr. Hamming at jhamming@centenary.edu. Also, Trudeau posted information about the Petroleum Tower updates.

photo creds to waelpix

[Updated on 3/12 9:48pm: Time Change (11:10a-9p)]
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Nadine said...

the arabic script in the smoke says "we're suffocating!"

love this picture...