06 March 2008

KSCL Birthday/Benefit Show on March 14 @ Actor's Cafe [Free Concert]

We're teaming up with the Actor's Cafe for a benefit concert on Friday, March 14th at 8:30pm. We're also celebrating our 32nd birthday! The cost of admission is a recommended donation of $5. The money will go to the performers and KSCL. The performers include AJ Haynes, Connor Davis, Kirk Reedstrom, Costas Dafnis, Jeffrey Gabriel, Josiah Rambin, and others. So, great mix of KSCL and friend's of 91.3.

The Actor's Cafe, formerly Bear's, is a refreshing music and art venue located on the corner of Fairfield and Southern Avenue, near the Body Electric Tattoo parlor. The Actor's Cafe is open to all ages, yet serves alcohol to those of age. Owner Jeffrey Nightbyrd is excited about his recent venture. He found the current venues in town weren't "fitting." So, he opened his own restaurant, bar, and venue. There are several concerts in the pipeline including art shows, belly dancing, open-mic nights, and on-stage monologues. Nightbyrd is very receptive to ideas and programs. Expect a lot of great things from this new, hip joint in Shreveport.

More information is at my previous post. Also, here's the Google Map for the event location. Come and support KSCL and spread the word!!

Special thanks to Jeffrey Nightbyrd and Susan Garner for making this possible!

photo creds to serdar
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