02 March 2008

Ben Folds Coming to Centenary Gold Dome, Shreveport [Confirmed]

It has just been confirmed that Ben Folds will be playing at Centenary on Friday, April 4th for Centenary's Annual Preview Weekend. Preview Weekend gives prospective students a chance to spend the night on campus and learn different things that make Centenary unique.

Thanks Allison, for the update. The Ben Folds Fan Club website lists the tour dates and tickets. Centenary's Gold Dome is listed for April 4th. Again, the ticket prices will most likely be $15 for everyone and $10 for Centenary students. Fighting Squirrels still hasn't released any official information, but if an
external site is hosting the info it'll only be a matter of time. To get tickets, check out centenarytickets.com. Nothing new is there, but expect it soon since this show will most likely sell out. Great job to the Fighting Squirrels for bringing in a good act. This will most likely help their bottom line.

I still think FSP should work with KSCL to save money on the artist/record co. connection. Oh well.

photo creds to Ryan Ellders
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1 comment:

saratoga said...

Its about time they don't bring in a band who only has name recognition from the early ninties and demands an Escalade to drive them around town. Its about time to see student funds going to something worthwhile...