24 June 2007

Lil' Dino's @ Cooper

Goth/Rock group When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth from Austin, TX and Daniel Francis Doyle, also from Austin, will be playing at Cooper Manor tonight at 8pm sharp! Cost is $5. All ages!

photo cred to Aubrey Edwards

Golden Bear

The Jackrabbit Lounge hosted Austin's indie rock group Golden Bear friday night. The group was in the booth with DJs Tyler and Ben. Two tickets to the show and a CD were given away. Their next show is at Secret Headquarters in Denton, TX on July 21.

photo cred to Matt Wright

13 June 2007

New Schedule and Descriptions

Exciting stuff. Our online schedule just became interactive last night. Here's the link. Now you can pick times to listen and get a description of what you might hear.

09 June 2007

DMBQ will tickle your fancy

The Japanese noisemakers were here in Shreveport at Cooper Manor on Monday, June 4th. They were incredible and it was an all ages show. Keep up-to-date with all of Alec's show's here and if you missed DMBQ, but want to hear some of their music go here.

cred to takeaholladay for the pics...

Judge Not

Debbie Buchanan Engle is currenlty hosting an art exhibit, Judge Not, at the West Edge Artists' Co-op, located at 725 Milam Street in downtown Shreveport. This exhibit document's the effects of Ms. Engle's 10-year custody battle for her children. It will be on display for one week ending on Saturday, June 16th. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday 10am-6pm, and Saturday 10am-4pm. More information on the West Edge Artists' Co-op can be found at www.westedgeartists.com

Here's some pics taken this morning at the gallery.

06 June 2007

Summer Lineup

Add Chris Brown on Tuesdays 8-10
Gideon on Saturdays 10-12


Last night our KSCL veteran Chris Brown dedicated a song to me conveniently named "Here comes the summer," because I just haven't felt the hot concrete or smelt the chlorine.

However, it's hitting me show after show. The port city punx threw a jig with Jack Blasphemy, Hoodlum Circus, and Sunday Mass Murder. This show went down at the Body Electric Tatoo parlor on Sunday. One of the few all-age shows in this town. The show was awesome with some splashing from the mote that formed from the rain. Also, everyone went to Joe's afterward to see the crazy old man with mushrooms in his helmet and his vacuum. Then on Monday a lot of us went to Cooper Manor to see Tokyo's DMBQ. I saw a man playing a guitar with his teeth and another with flashlights stuck in his hair. Amazing! Anywho, here's some pictures thanks to Liz!

See us at these upcoming shows:
June 7 - Woman's Worth @ Cooper Manor
June 9 - Missoni Lanza @ Jayne Marie on Cross Lake

Check our website for an updated schedule and other info.