17 December 2007

KSCL releases TOP100 of 2007

It's here. The first top albums of the year! We (the music directors) did it for several reasons, but it comes down to a big finish for 2007. A lot has happened this year. We've been broadcasting at our higher wattage 2100 watts! We've gotten a lot of equipment for student and DJ use. We did the 3rd annual Battle of the Bands in January (ps - more info on next year's event coming soon!!). We've also been throwing out tons of new music. I'm also happy to announce that our office is even more productive this year than in the past.

I'll be posting separate articles for individual album reviews. Not all, but a few! ;)

This week is finals, and they are all hell. More love soon! Keep tuned!

14 December 2007

Exclusive interview with Chris Jay @ the Robinson Film Center

Robinson Film Center envelope
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Hey everyone! I have an exciting episode for you today. I recently toured the upcoming Robinson Film Center with Program Director Chris Jay. If you tuned in a week ago you would have caught the live interview with music, but unfortunately I can't distribute it on podcast. Slap my wrist right?! In this interview I talk about the layout of the center, what it features, and what it will serve up. You do know that there'll be a wine bar & bistro upstairs, right?! :) Enjoy it!

for more info on the Robinson Film Center: