16 March 2008

Easter Break @ Centenary & Updates

Battle of the Bands is coming up. Make sure to sign your band up at ksclbotb@gmail.com. Also, I've posted the pictures from our Birthday/Benefit show on my flickr account.

Centenary's cleaning up the shell for Easter Services this Sunday. The Centenary Choir will sing and I'm betting Betsy will do some sort of service. It's down in the calendar to start at 6am this Sunday, March 23rd. Today, the Shell's got Maroon and Taupe colors.

On another note, thanks to everyone who came to Actor's Cafe this past Friday! It was a blast and a good turnout. The money from the door will be split between KSCL and the bands. We're working on building up our summer budget, so we can continue to run through the summer. It would be nice to get some major traction in this area. Next year, for sure, we'll be getting a different cut from student fees. I've posted pictures from this weekend on my flickr account.

The media heads are considering some more options to strengthen the paper, yearbook, literary arts magazine, and film society. Grants for a media computer lab and getting on-campus housing paid for are in the works. Stay tuned! Even though it's break, we'll be posting some podcasts and DJ shows will continue!

photo creds to me
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