28 March 2008

If it Rains, BOTB to be in Kilpatrick Audiorium, Smith Building

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow for Battle of the Bands, but if it does it will be inevitable. We can't control the weather.

However, we at KSCL are littered with backup plans. That's why if the weather is bad tomorrow, we'll be hosting the 5th Annual Battle of the Bands in Kilpatrick Auditorium (campus map). Please update any and everyone you know. Or pray that it doesn't rain. ;)

It's still going to be rockin', so come out and support KSCL and local music. At KSCL, we look at the reverse of everything. So that "40% Chance of Tstms" really means 60% chance of beautiful weather. You can't expect anything different in this town, or this state.

Is someone watching out for us? Note the break in major storms over the entire state of Louisiana. (things move left to right) Happy dreams!

[Update: added new image (mar29/08 12:17a)]
phot creds to National Weather Service
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