20 March 2008

Futility or Hope? Science and Politics at the End of Life...

That's the lecture that Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Chris Hackler, Ph.D., will present on Wednesday, March 27th beginning at 7 pm in the Whited Room at Bynum Commons on Centenary Campus.

Hackler will be on Centenary’s campus beginning Tuesday March 25. During his week-long visit he will speak to various classes as well as hospice and health care professionals.

The Conglomerate, Centenary's newspaper, asked Dr. Hackler a few questions over email about which classes he'll be visiting, what his position was on end-of-life decisions, and what he hopes to accomplish at Centenary. The article can be read here.

Dr. Hackler joined the faculty of the UAMS College of Medicine in 1982 as the first director of the new Division of Medical Humanities. During his tenure there, he has published widely on topics in the field of medical ethics, health care reform, rationing of health care, and genetic engineering. Recent publications include edited books and articles in various medical and legal journals on the topic of biomedical ethics and health care reform in the context of an aging population.

He is currently working in the area of social issues in the use of genetic and reproductive technologies. He has been the recipient of Fulbright, National Defense, and National Endowment for the Humanities awards, has served as Chair of the Association of Faculty in the Medical Humanities, and has received the Distinguished Service Award from the Society for Health and Human Values.

And by the way, KSCL has secured an exclusive interview with Dr. Hackler next Thursday... be on the lookout for it!

For more information, please contact Chris Ciocchetti at 318.869.5246 or cciocche@centenary.edu

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