21 March 2008

KSCL Will Be Off the Air [Just Tomorrow]

I'm really ticked. Tomorrow the electricity will be turned off on the south side of campus. This includes the radio station. We just got word today, a mere 24 hours before it happens. The notice wasn't even sent personally to me, rather a global to the entire campus. Power will be down from approximately 8:00am until 4:00pm. Sorry fans, you'll just hear silence.

Facilities is doing work on an underground line near Jackson Hall. Gaw, all this hard work and Facilities still doesn't tell us warn us appropriately. This happened during winter break too. It's like we're not on anyone's priority list.

I won't stop anyone from sending a complaint to fcampbel@centenary.edu, the head of Facilities. I'm not telling you to do so, but hey! there's the link!

Radio Love! (be back shortly)

photo creds to Harraz
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