03 March 2008

High School Students and Art @ Prima Tazza [Caddo Magnet]

Originally blogged by Robert Trudeau, I made my way to the Prima Tazza Art Show on February 15th, 2008. I interviewed teachers Shirlene Alexander and Holli Hennessy; and students Madelyn Porter and Gabbie Reynolds (in the photo). The show was a great event for Magnet. In fact, the space was completely packed with students and parents (and food!). It was difficult enough to breathe, much less move. However, I prevailed and scored some conversation with people, amidst the high chatter in the background. The show was produced by me, Jon Schleuss. The episode is available here. It clocks in at 7'20". Enjoy the tunes, too, Shreveport originals thanks to Chris Brown.

photo creds to Robert Trudeau
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