25 March 2008

Live from NYC: The Dead of Night (Nancy Brown), the White Papers, Barton Carroll @ Knitting Factory [Podcast]

I'm excited to bring this to you. Another podcast episode. This one here is a project that Vanessa Boyd and I are working on.

Backstory on Vanessa:
Vanessa graduated from Centenary College in 1999, working on a French degree. She was KSCL's co-Program Director and a DJ. Now, she's a musician and regular artist living in NYC.

She and I started with the idea of Shreveport/Louisiana bands heading to New York. Vanessa would interview them, record live show bits, and get audience reaction. Well, not many artists from Shreveport make it to New York everyday. So, it morphed into bands from our Top 100 of 2007. Well, then we hit some more problems with no bands touring and a hard time getting into shows, the interview, the recording, etc. You can imagine the legal issues here. But the promotion for the artist would be phenomenal. KSCL would promote these artists via blog, podcast, and broadcast.

So, that's what we're doing here. Vanessa traveled to the Knitting Factory on February 24th and created a show from that experience. She met The Dead of Night (Nancy Brown), the White Papers, and Barton Carroll. It'll also be in our podcast (see links on right). The episode clocks in at 8'37".

Click here to download this episode.

I'm so excited this has finally taken off. She attended a Bodies of Water show on Saturday, so that's a up-and-coming show there. Special thanks to Brandon Davis for arranging the band interviews.

You can also hear the show live on 91.3FM this Friday and Monday, along with next Friday at noon. Stay tuned, we're working with some truly talented artists.

If your band would like to work with us on this project, contact me (jschleus@centenary.edu). We'll work something out!

more info on Vanessa Boyd at v2k.name and vanessaboyd.com

[Updated: switched wording on The Dead of Night / Nancy Brown (3/25/08 8:54p)]

photo creds to the white papers myspace
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Nancy William Brown said...

Hey, just a note: I'm "THE Dead of Night" and I never perform as Nancy Brown.

Thanks so much for posting this and thanks for promoting NY music! I was a dj at my university and it was great. Much love for college radio.

Schleuss said...

Hey Nancy,
Thanks for the note. I hope I fixed it (at least in the article).