20 October 2008

New news director and New Podcast

Hello everyone well we have been busy here this semester getting new interviews from interesting people on campus and around the Shreveport area. i also wanted to say howdy to everyone since I am new to the staff. my name is Casey Mc Beath I am a senior here at centenary hopefully graduating sometime with a communications degree. I love tinkering around here at KSCL and am hoping my passion for radio and the station can translate into great interviews and great things here for KSCL. as the news director i am in charge of putting news on the site that is read over the air by the DJ's if you know of something going on in the Shreveport area shoot me an e-mail at KSCLnews@gmail.com and i will get it on the air.
till next time

10 October 2008

Elaine McArdle - Successful Writer, Rocker and Former KSCL DJ

During the week of October 7, 2008, Elain McArdle visited Centenary's campus to do a lecture series and to promote her new book The Migraine Brain. Ms. McArdle is an alumna of Centenary College of Louisiana and was a DJ for KSCL from 1977-79.

In an exclusive KSCL interview with Tyler Davis, Ms. McArdle told us about the fun she had being a DJ in the late 70's when the station was broadcasting at only 10 watts and the signal could hardly be tuned in across campus.

Elaine McArdle is an author and writer for the Boston Globe, though she boasts a law degree and has had much experience writing for other publications.

06 October 2008

Live from NYC #4: Beaten By Them

Alright, "Live from NYC" is back with a new episode! The lovely Vanessa Boyd has done it again, this time interviewing the band Beaten by Them at the Knitting Factory. The band has been promoting their new album "Signs of Life" across the US and Europe. With some members hailing from Australia, their sound is hard to steadfastly define, though a cello accents the improvised rock sound.

KSCL will air Live from NYC #4 Wednesday the 8th at 11am, Saturday the 11th at 8pm and Wednesday the 15th at 11am. Make sure to check out the schedule!

This episode is a whopping 7'58" (download)

Vanessa Boyd graduated from Centenary College in 1999. She was a co-program Director at KSCL from 1997-98. Now, she's a musician and artist living in New York City. If you or your band is traveling to New York and would like to set up an interview with Vanessa, contact Kelly Dunnigan (me).

photo courtesy of http://youbethemouse.blogspot.com

02 October 2008

Rock School

Did you happen to tune into KSCL last Saturday around 9pm and heard something new? If so, you were listening to the premier episode of Rock School on 91.3fm. Rock School is a one-hour program produced by KSLU 90.9fm at Southeastern. The show is hosted by Dr. Joe Burns, a Communications professor, and Chad Pierce, a 2002 graduate of Southeastern. The program explores classic rock of the 60s, 70s and 80s and focuses on one topic a week during the show.

Ellyn Couvillion describes the information discussed during a show in an article for The Advocate, "Between songs, listeners received a mini-course on the harmonica — every harmonica plays in one of 12 musical keys; harmonica players in the United States had to fight to get the harmonica recognized by their musicians’ union as an instrument and not a toy; and the first country music release that sold a million copies was a harmonica ballad, “The Wreck of the Old ’97.”."

This week's episode (which will air a 9pm on 10.04) is entitled "New Orleans II" and will follow last week's epsiode "New Orleans I." If you missed this episode, please visit the Rock School's website, where you can download many previous episodes.

We here at KSCL are pleased to work with KSLU in airing this program! This kind of partnership between college radios is what is needed to keep us around.