31 March 2008

BOTB/BIG Event Pictures Up, Send Me More Links!


Here are the links (video & pics) from BOTB, and the BIG Event at Centenary College this past Saturday. Let me know if you have any pictures and I'll link them here.

For anyone who missed the event, the winners were The Peekers, The Situation, and Missoni Lanza. Congratulations to all the bands that played. We all grabbed exposure!

Robert Trudeau



Shreveport Times Article on the BIG Event
Shreveport Times on Battle of the Bands
Trudeau on Peekers
Centenary on Battle of the Bands
& More Centenary BOTB Coverage

Shreve Audio
Courtyard Coffee
Replays Gameware
Disc Daddy, Inc.
Plato's Closet
Third Eye Tattoo
George's Grill
C.C. Hardman, Co.

[Updated links from Centenary News Dept.(apr3/08 3:27p)]
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