31 August 2008

Oh Gustav...

Well, classes have been canceled through Wednesday for us lucky students here at Centenary. Most of us have spent all day preparing for the worst by evacuating or sand-bagging when appropriate. Since classes have been nixed, most everything else will be delayed. Plans were to have our first DJ interest meeting this Thursday; however, with the possibility of 20 inches of rain I think we might have to postpone it.

Here's hoping for the best from NOLA to Shreveport. If the power goes out that probably means KSCL will be off-air. What happens will happen and there's not anything much we can do about it.

Stay safe kids. Try to have a little fun if possible.

26 August 2008

Meet and Greet with Congressional Candidates Paul Carmouche and John Milkovich

Pizza and Politics: An Informal Get To Know Your Candidates

On Tuesday, September 30th at 11 am, College Democrats will present an informal meet and greet with Democratic Congressional candidates Paul Carmouche and John Milkovich in the Student Union Building. Mr. Carmouche will give a brief talk at 11:00 am and Mr. Milkovich will give a brief talk at 11:45 am. Pizza and drinks will be provided as well.

KSCL will be on hand to try to record a brief interview on the candidate's thoughts on the campaign, more on that soon!

For more information on Paul Carmouche, please visit his campaign site: http://www.carmoucheforcongress.com/

For more information on John Milkovich, please visit his campaign site: http://johnmilkovich.com/index.php/home

For more information on all of the candidates running for the 4th congressional district and other election information, please visit: http://www.shreveporttimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?Category=ELECTION

update: the meet&greet was rescheduled to september 30th

20 August 2008

Don't You Dare Miss Rhythmic Gymnastics

No, don't worry faithful readers, the KSCL blog isn't dead! It's just these past few weeks have been blisteringly uneventful. Summer broadcasting has plodded along and will come to an end this Saturday. The target date for starting Fall Broadcasting is currently set as September 15th. Sorry to all those listeners who found some favorite new shows over these past few months. With any luck, most of your favorite DJs will be returning soon enough.

Centenary begin a new term on August 25th and all the new first years have started to flood the campus. I'm excited at the wealth of new DJs our little station could possibly have. The name of the game is recruiment and it goes into action this Sunday at the Organization fair.

Like I said before, not much has happened as of late (aside from that whole "Jon leaving" bit). Fear not, however, more posts will come as more stuff occurs. For now, go enjoy the last week of summer and the last week of the Olympics.

PS - Curbside recyling started on Monday. A cry of "Finally" was issued from those of us who filled up the can in the first week.

06 August 2008

Former KSCL DJ, Rob Schneider does Stephen Colbert

Apples in Stereo frontman Robert Schneider appeared on The Colbert Report on Monday, August 4th. I got a chance to see the apples in Little Rock last week and was able to capture a KSCL Station ID. Hopefully it'll go live soon. But did you know that Schneider was a KSCL disc jockey in the late 80's?

Here's the video: