24 March 2008

Boundary Lines: New Talk Forum Aired On KSCL

Boundary Lines is a new talk-based show I've been working on for the past year. And when I say 'been working on for the past year,' I mean I've been trying to find time to do it for the past year and been developing the direction of the show in my head.

My first episode which aired March 13 and 20 focused on Judaism in the world and in Shreveport. So I interviewed Rabbi Dr. Jana De Benedetti who is leader of the B'nai Zion Congregation in Shreveport, LA. Rabbi Jana has an extensive career which can be reviewed at her website, though most recently she has taught Hebrew and Intro to Judaism classes at Centenary College.

Boundary Lines has begun as a show that will offer open exchange of ideas and opinions. The next few episodes will focus on Faith in Shreveport. To promote interfaith understanding and dialog is my goal. I currently am a student of religious studies at Centenary College and so I choose some of these topics based on the issues I personally come in contact with.

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saratoga said...

Dr. Benedetti is awesome! I really enjoyed taking a class from her while I was at Centenary. I'm really looking forward to listening.

thingything said...
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thingything said...

I listened to this! I heard it the other day and I was a little confused because I thought it was new and I wasn't sure - anyway, I really really enjoyed it! It's a great idea and for this episode, it definitely had a great result. I was very interested and thought Dr. Benedetti was very informative. So, well done there, and I look forward to hearing more! Let me know if you want me to put you in contact with the Hindu/Indian community here (don't know if you already have contacts).

The only suggestion I have is that it was unclear whether the show would continue for longer than those first few minutes - when the music started playing, I didn't know if it was over like that or if there would be more. Other than that, great job!


trudeau said...

Good work, Tyler Davis. Blending philosophy into a show that often showcases latter-day psychedelia is a healthy if unexpected interleaving.

Maybe next: some Jewish chant segueing into Catholic chant into chant disco? Well . . .

Tyler Music Director said...

Thanks everyone! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I was kind of going for an NPR style with the music lead-ins/outs just to weave a story and input a mood. I found just the 5fifty minutes of speech rather boring. I know that I have a monotone voice and I really work to change that. But I'm very happy for all your feedback and I just want to do the best job possible.

Psychedelia has played a big part in art and religion so I figured it wasn't too far of a stretch right?

I would definitely be interested in Hindu contacts. I have only one other friend who is Indian and Hindu so anything you could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks!