30 September 2007

Viva Chita! Jackrabbit to show off Day of the Dead Art

It's a call for artists and it's through Conchita via her myspace. Get excited! Conchita and I talk about what Dia de los Meurtos is, who's already contributed art, and how interested artists can still contribute. Here's the chit-chat.

The exhibit will open on November 2-3 at the JackRabbit Lounge (formally lil' Joe's). Time will be announced soon. Bands Power Pellut, Zack the Rookie, and the White Rabbit will perform at night. 

Anyone interested in getting involved contact Conchita via her myspace or her email burningcorazon@yahoo.com.

25 September 2007

President Schwab's Freshman Convocation Speech

At the beginning of each scholastic year, Centenary holds a convocation to inspire new students. KSCL has worked with Centenary to record the convocation and the president's speech. Now you can have President Scwhab on your iPod (or other mp3 device), inspiring you whenever you like!
Peace and Love,
Steven - The Web Guy
Schwab's Speech

Mat Schwarzman Convocation

Hey all,

This convocation took place on Tuesday, September 18th. Dr. Schwarzman, an Attaway scholar, author, and educator for community-based art projects.

Thanks for the recording film students, Dr. Glaros, Mindy Mckoin, and Jason Kay!

Here's file, again you can find us on iTunes.

21 September 2007

"Help the Marmets"

KSCL received the following email from Sara Hebert regarding her family in need. Sara Hebert is a graduate of Centenary College and a former student DJ and Staff member of KSCL Shreveport. Her contributions to our radio station and her care for our mission as a radio station offering the best indie and underground music to you the listeners has been unsurpassed. So we all want to help her family as much as possible, and we hope you will open your eyes to her cause as well.

The following from Sara Hebert on Sept 15, 2007:

"Hi all,

"I am writing to you in a time of need for my family. The recent Hurricane/Tropical Storm which passed through my home parish in Louisiana left my sister and her family homeless due to a tornado spin off from the storm. I've spent today launching an initial version of a website that will be the hub of fund raising and information for her family, and I want to encourage you to visit and pass it along to your friends, family and colleagues. This is an important issue to me not only because of my family but also because as a graduate student in the Digital Media Studies program at the University of Denver, I work with the Digital Media Outreach Center which provides support for many organizations doing public good.

"I want to emphasize that by no means am I asking you to make a monetary contribution. While the storm has left them with very little, they can best benefit from you raising awareness about their situation. If you have contacts in any sort of media or with a high profile web presence, please pass this on to them. If you are in a position to make a monetary contribution, we are currently taking donations through PayPal and by check through the mail. I am also searching for someone who can guide me through the process of making these donations tax-deductible, and also someone who may be able to provide Internet access and a computer to their family so they can help keep the site up to date.

"The website is located at http://www.helpthemarmets.com and will be undergoing constant change over the next week. I've also attached a media advisory about their situation and the site launch. "

We, KSCL, and I, Tyler, are personally asking you to please visit the site and leave this beautiful family a message of encouragement. KSCL asks that you spread the word and give this family a chance to get back on their feet.

Thank you.

16 September 2007

Centenary Film Society Presents "Little Children"

"Little Children" poster
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Leo & Co. are back again with their next film.

Here's what they say:
"Little Children centers on a group of young marrieds, whose lives intersect on the playgrounds, town pools and streets of their small community in surprising and potentially dangerous ways."

All screenings are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm in Carlile Auditorium, Mickle Hall 114. Admission is free and movies are open to the public. For more information please contact Leo Kacenjar: lkacenja@centenary.edu or Jeff Hendricks: jhendric@centenary.edu or call (318) 869-5254.

15 September 2007

The Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil (Music Review)

So, when I first heard of the band the Black Lips I thought, "Oh great... this band is gonna suck. I can tell, because they have a composite band name something between The Flaming Lips and The Black Keys. They are just trying to ride the success associated with other bands!" Well, in retrospect I can say that I might have acted a little bit neurotic and paranoid.

The Black Lips are great. And they have plenty of success of their own to ride. The four guys that make up this Atlanta-based band have been together since age 15, and they are now 23 years old. Good Bad Not Evil is the title of their newest album, and though they have release several other recordings, this is their first pro record.

Black Lips are a rare sound on the market right now employing traces of Blues, Psychedelic, and Garage Rock to complete their sound. If you are not a fan of psychedelic, don't worry. The sound effects on this album relate more to a subtle inclusion of an altered state of mind, rather than an in-your-face, trippy, head-spinning ride. This isn't just noise, it's great songwriting littered with audio intellect.

Track 1, "I Saw a Ghost (Lean)" is fashioned after 1960's underground rock tunes. It's a buzzy song with droning, Iggy-esque vocals. And the psychedelic elements on this track include (what sound like) reversed orchestral dubbing and reversed lead guitar with that sucking sound that is so very sweet to me.

Track 2 is another favorite of mine. "O Katrina" is a song dedicated to those affected by the hurricane Katrina. The lyrics equate hurricane Katrina to a mean/lovely woman who treats her man unfairly. The song progresses from a buzzy percussion-based intro to a heaving, greaving dum-dum tune that when performed live has a great potential for leaving one's ears ringing with pleasure.

All the tracks on this album are great. but I just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Definitely check out this new album and this wonderful band.

11 September 2007

Film Society Presents: Perfume

香水 Perfume
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The Centenary Film Society will present Perfume: The Story of a Murderer , a 2006 German Film directed by Tom Tykwer based on the novel Perfume by Patrick Süsking. Wikipedia says, "The story revolves around Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, whose unparalleled sense of smell and strange lack of a personal scent isolates him from society. Obsessed with the rich sensory world he alone inhabits, his single objective in life becomes the preservation of the perfect scent: the skin of young, beautiful women."

This film will begin promptly at 7pm on Thursday, September 13th in the Carlile Auditorium (Mickel 114) located on Centenary's campus. For more information email Leo Kacenjar at lkacenja@centenary.edu

Cent. Film Society Announces Schedule

Leo Kacenjar
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Leo is at work again.

All screenings are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm in Carlile Auditorium, Mickle Hall 114. Admission is free and movies are open to the public. For more information please contact Leo Kacenjar: lkacenja@centenary.edu or Jeff Hendricks: jhendric@centenary.edu or call (318) 869-5254.

Here's the Lineup:

Perfume (R)...............................................Sep. 11 & 13
Little Children (R).....................................Sep. 18 & 20
Tony Takitani (NR)...................................Sep. 25 & 27
Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing (R).....Oct. 2 & 3 (Wed)
The Page Turner (NR).............................Oct. 9 & 11
The Lookout (R)........................................Oct. 23 & 25
East of Bucharest (NR)............................Oct. 30 & Nov. 1
Red Road (NR).........................................Nov. 6 & 8


First Friday Café Videodrome - Centenary Film Society's rendition of Friday Night Madness. This is a great opportunity to see cult, extreme, and otherwise eclectic cinema of the world. All screenings start at 9p. As usual, in Carlile Auditorium, Mickle Hall 114. Admission is free and the films are open to the public. Viewer's discretion is advised.

Renaissance (R)..............Oct. 5
The Hunger (R).................Nov. 2

Stay tuned, and we'll update you on more happenings. Also, check our news for other related events happening in Shreveport.

10 September 2007

Eisley - Combinations - Music Review

Eisley - Combinations
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Man, I don't know why, but I could have sworn that I Eisley was from across the pond. However, they're from Tyler, TX and they just released their 2nd full-length album entitled Combinations. The four siblings (and one cousin!) have done something that pushes them out of their first album's shell. Modification, organization, and repitition.

Number 2 - Invasion - is the first track that grabs you. Full of emotion, piano, sympathetic guitar, and drums, the real kicker tells you who this band is. Female vocals. With catchy melodies.

Lead vocalist Stacy DuPree throws out interesting vocals and lyrics. You can detect this free-verse poetry here and there when she sings. It's as if there are odd breaks here and there to make difficult rhymes work. DuPree spins off with the band for the chorus, "you will take the breath from my throat...take the cherished people that I hold."

Number 4 - Go Away - has the repition down. The first three times you hear it you'll love it, then the power wears off. But you can always "go away, yeah, go away" if it annoys you. Then, of course, come back later.

Their "oooooo's" and "ayyyy's" will excite your ears the first few times you hear them, but will their power hold you? Probably not everyone song, but their pop-rock emotion will serve them well.

03 September 2007

Robinson Film Center presents "La Vie En Rose"

Edith Piaf: la Môme
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La Vie En Rose (French for "Life in Pink") was the signature song of the late French singer Édith Piaf. The film, a musical biography presenting key events from Piaf's life, was directed by Olivier Dahan and stars Marion Cotillard.

It's going to arrive in Shreveport on Thursday, September 27th at 7:00pm via the Robinson Film Center & Regal Cinemas in the Boardwalk for $7.50 a ticket. For more information or to purchase tickets in advance, call the Robinson Film Center at (318) 424-9090. The tickets will go fast!

official website

Just So You Know 2

Hey all,

Jim Presson, the executive director of the Food Bank of northwest Louisiana, sat down with Allison Cormier late last year. You can contact Jim Presson at jpresson@foodbanknla.org and visit www.nwlafoodbank.org for more information. The file is here. The music is "Rollover DJ" by Jet.

ps - our podcast can now be found via the iTunes store and searching for "kscl".