29 January 2008

A Solar Powered Centenary

photo by riosgerman
It's a great 100th Anniversary for Centenary in Shreveport, and that doesn't stop with renewed environmental efforts. For the 2008-9 year, the college should be working with the city of Shreveport and Pratt industries on the city-wide recycling program (stay tuned for more on this). But this spring, the main concern is to get solar panels on top of the library.

The Centenary Environmental Association (CEA), the college's environmental organization, is promoting an event called "Chains for Change." The organization plans to 'chain' President Kenneth Schwab, Head of Residence Life Kevin Wagner, and two professors to a tree on Earth Day (April 22). However, there is a cost: $300 for each person.

Members of the CEA will be hanging out at lunchtime to collect student, faculty, and staff contributions. Individuals can also stop by the offices of the 'tree huggers' to donate in person. There can't be anything better than slipping a $20 bill in Kevin's bucket, right in front of him.

For more information and to get involved (whether student or not) contact Jeanne Hamming at jhamming@centenary.edu.

The event is not limited to just Centenary. Anyone wishing to donate and support getting renewable energy in Highland should contact Jeane Hamming or us at the radio station. We can be reached at 318-869-5296.

Kevin Wagner: bottom floor, Student Life Office
President Kenneth Schwab: top floor, Hamilton Hall
Jeanne Hamming: Jackson 313
Scott Chirhart: Mickle 208

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28 January 2008

Convocation on Global Warming

the ruff and dirty:
Who: Patrick Murphy Speaks Global Warming
When: Thur, Jan 31st 11:10a
The event is open to the public and free.

the spill:
Are we all doomed because of Global Warming? Or is it all a bunch of hype from hysterical environmentalists trying to rob us of our sleep at night? How do you know? Who is telling the truth? The scientists? The politicians? The science fiction writers?

Come explore these issues with renowned ecocritic Patrick Murphy on Thursday, January 31st at 11:10am in Kilpatrick Auditorium. Dr Murphy will be giving a short talk called "Global Warming: From Absolute Denial to Apocalyptical Desire." Where do you fit in? Come find out!

This excellent talk is funded by the Convocations Committee and is sponsored by the Centenary Environmental Association. It also represents Centenary's attempt to participate in the national Focus the Nation Campaign.

Don't be blue. Go green.

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27 January 2008

Hot Chip - Made in the Dark (KSCL Review)

London's Hot Chip is back again...

Just when you thought that you were stuck with The Warning (o6's release) you get a new splash of electro dance beats.

the ruff and dirty:
Release Date: Tuesday, Feb. 5
Record Comp: DFA/Astralwerks
Store: iTunes, Amazon

If you are a virgin to Hot Chip, then Made in the Dark is a fine place to get started, but (*cough) you'll eventually need to go back and check out the older tapes.

The new album opens with a slow electronic hum growing into a beat that eventually explodes at 1'7". The song then morphs into a fast beat that's, well "funky cheap". The next song, Shake a Fist, has some interesting secrets up its sleeve. Right around 1'53" there's a break for "Sounds of the Studio" then straight back to a revamping of the original song. I'll leave "Sounds of the Studio" up for you to figure out. Oh yeah, did I mention wild trance splashes and yelling? Check, double check.

Ready for the Floor is adorable. It's the track to give to your, erm, bee eff eff. Then, down to number 5, We're Looking for a Lot of Love. It captures a intimate moment between two people that turns rather sour:

"Underneath a burning tree,
That is where she brought me,
That is where she bound me,
Nobody found me."

#7, Made in the Dark, gives us another side of the pro-dance Hot Chip. This track is quite melancholy and lonely, but there's still that Hot Chip magic. And that Hot Chip magic makes it worth buying an all-around great record. One of the best for 2008, wait and see. I'll call it now. #1 in CMJ in three weeks.

Here's a link to Made in the Dark (#7 on the album) creds to stereogum.com, an indie mp3 download site. iTunes has the album out for pre-order now with an exclusive version of and Bubbles They Bounce and My Brother is Watching Me going only with the pre-order.
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26 January 2008

Battle of the Bands is moving!

KSCL has changed the date for the 5th Annual Battle of the Bands to Saturday, March 29th at 1p.

We have done this for several reasons, namely: 1) it won’t be as cold, 2) we won’t overlap the event with other shows at night, and 3) it can be on the weekend. Our main concern is for our listeners and we want this to be the biggest event of the year. Please spread the word about the change!

Everything else stays the same. Same rules for entry. Same prizes. We will, however, extend the final day for submissions to Thursday, March 20th. Again, please spread the word about the changes.

(below info / all the same)
KSCL is seeking eight bands/performers from any genre of music. These performers can be groups or solo acts.

Prizes are:
1st: $300
2nd: $150
3rd: $50

Bands and artists wishing to participate should send demos to ksclbotb@gmail.com (mp3 or other digital format) or ATTN: Battle of the Bands, KSCL 91.3 FM, 2911 Centenary Blvd., Shreveport, LA 71104 (CDs).

Merchants wishing to promote with KSCL for the 5th Annual Battle of the Bands contact Tyler Davis at tdavis@centenary.edu or (318) 869-5296.

For more information, please email ksclbotb@gmail.com or call Jon Schleuss at (318) 869-5296.
(former post)

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24 January 2008

A Cross for the First Time in 31+ Years

Well fans,

I have good news. Last night (now Tuesday night) our faculty adviser informed the staff about Arbitron's latest statistics. Arbitron is a radio marketing research firm that calculates the number of listeners each station has. Well, for the first time in KSCL's 31+ years of being, I am happy to report that we have a cross by our call letters. The cross signifies that we now have more that 1% of regular listeners in our area. This would equate to a minimum of 3,000 or so regular listeners. It is quite an exciting event, something that wouldn't have been possible without the help of Kathy Fell, Michael Laffey, Chris Brown, Sara Hebert, and many many others.

One of my favorite things about our station is the sheer number of individuals who have affected KSCL in some way over the many years. I am extremely proud to lead the station during such a grand time.

Stay tuned!

Jon Schleuss
General Manager

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13 January 2008

5th Annual Battle of the Bands [KSCL]

by Trudeau

Can you play an intstrument? Can you j-jam???
Well, if you can (or think you can!), then the KSCL Battle of the Bands should be just what the doctor ordered. In conjunction with the Homecoming events KSCL 91.3 FM will be holding its 5th annual Battle of the Bands. The event will take place on Tuesday, February 19th in the Shell Amphitheatre beginning at 5:30p. KSCL is seeking eight bands/performers from any genre of music. These performers can be groups or solo acts.

Prizes are:
1st: $300
2nd: $150
3rd: $50

Bands and artists wishing to participate should send demos to ksclbotb@gmail.com (mp3 or other digital format) or KSCL 91.3 FM, 2911 Centenary Blvd., Shreveport, LA 71104 (CDs).

Among the Bands, KSCL is also looking for interested merchants to sponsor the event. Raffle prizes and/or prizes for the winning bands are what we have in mind. We'll also add you to our list of donors for on air and print advertising.

For more information, please email ksclbotb@gmail.com or call Jon Schleuss at (318) 869-5296. Facebook

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Updates...we like the cowbell! give me more!

by Dyxie

So, here's some big updates. First, the schedule situation, then some updates on projects we're working on, and finally a talk on Battle of the Bands '08.

Our schedule has been pretty darn empty if you've been tuning in. This is because of our winter break here at Centenary College of Louisiana. That's kinda how we have to roll. Of course, if you get bored visit our podcast. This week we'll have two meetings to get some people plugged into the schedule and beef up this semester. It'll be a riot.

Some of the things that we've been doing over the break have been pretty enlightening. First off, we're working on more music and issue oriented content for air and our podcast. We have an interview with the lead for the Buthole Surfers coming up too. I'm currently working on a narrative/audio documentary covering the curbside recycling that Shreveport has adopted. This should be an interesting piece, but we'll see how much time I have now that classes are rolling. I hope to get it done in two weeks. Stay tuned on that.

Finally, KSCL and the Centenary Homecoming Committee is bringing you the 5th Annual Battle of the Bands. This calls for a new entry!

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10 January 2008

The New Frontiers (upcoming show)

MySpace.com - Flentge Productions

Mark Flentge has a new show coming up. These three acts will be worth the nominal fee of 5 bucks. First off, I have to give a shout-out to the design of this poster. It's beautiful! I plan to steal one from starbucks as soon as the show's over.

Besides the beauty of the poster, I wanted to mention that each of these bands has some really cool vibes to 'em. Missoni, an old KSCL DJ, is used to playing at Jayne Marie. Their Myspace links are below. Happy tuning & hope to see you there!

The New Frontiers
Quiet Company
Missoni Lanza

other sites of interest:
"The New Frontiers exhibit nothing less than a keen sense of music’s intrinsic healing power." -Steve Henderson

"...Truly ingenious music makers, Quiet Company is a band to expect great things from." - ksmooth97

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