26 February 2008

Centenary Students: Survey and Oppurtunity to Earn $100 Gift Card

How satisfied are you with....?
How important is this to you?

Centenary Students will get a great chance to respond to several campus issues/policies to improve the student experience. A "Student Satisfaction Inventory Invitation" email will be sent out (tomorrow) Wednesday, February 27th asking students to partake in the twenty-minute survey covering different aspects of student life. Think caf food, greek life, tutoring services, and the number of electric plugs in the dorm room. It'll cover a lot. Any student not partaking in this survey is out of their mind. You have to speak your mind. You have to vote. This is, supposedly, a democracy in which we live. Your voice counts! Oh yeah, you also will be entered in a drawing for $100 gift certificates.

The survey was created by several professors and administrators. The professors and administrators are part of an umbrella group known as the Enrollment Management Committee. The committee focuses on retaining students and making Centenary a more student-centered campus. Success will mean a 50% response rate on the two-fold survey. The results will then be provided in a "town hall style" meeting in April. It's great to see Centenary working together to fix its problems. And there might not be any problems. This all depends on the turnout and responses. Hopefully Centenary will publish the results on its website. Communicating student feedback with the rest of the world will only improve Centenary.

Other colleges and universities survey their students. Penn State provides their surveys to the public. However, Penn State's wasn't two-fold as Centenary's will be.

Some example questions from Penn State's survey are:
  • How satisfied have you been at Penn State with the extent to which faculty included diversity/multicultural/international resources in their class presentation, assignments, or discussions?
  • How satisfied have you been at Penn State with your opportunity to participate in an independent research project with a faculty member?
Get excited, particpate, and spread the word on campus! For more questions, hit up Dr. Lawrence at jlawrence@centenary.edu.

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