10 March 2008

KSCL Update: Internal Musings

I wanted to push this information to the outside. For those keeping up, I spoke to the Student Government last Tuesday to give updates on the Station. In the first part I ran through what's happened since I took charge and what we're planning for the future. The simple answer to both these topics is pure growth. KSCL has grown so much. I'm very proud to be a part of KSCL, especially when KSCL's history is leading it into a very exciting future.

In "part deux" I transition into the spending of student fees for media and other organizations. I believe that KSCL deserves a larger "slice" of that pie. When around $115,000 comes in every semester from student fees, it only seems right to reward the growing organizations with more money; cutting money from the stagnant. The senate was very receptive and I am extremely hopeful for the future. There's more on the conglomerate's site. So, this is where we are now: a hopeful future, but a very poor summer.

Phase 3 is Schleuss writing for grants, kicking underwriting into gear, and finding someplace to live (hopefully on campus!). Stay tuned!

here's the google presentation
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