02 April 2008

Ben Folds: Back Stage Pass!

KSCL Shreveport 91.3FM will be giving away one backstage pass for the Ben Folds concert! Tomorrow, Thursday, April 3, at 4:15pm ANYONE in the Shreveport area can tune into "Super Wacky Fun Time with Keith" where Keith and I will hold a call-in trivia contest to give away the pass. All you have to do is call in when prompted and supply a correct answer for the trivia conundrum that Keith and I present to you. If you answer correctly, we shall give you a back stage pass to see Ben Folds at the Centenary Gold Dome Friday April 4!

The Booth Fone Number is : 318-869-5297

Good luck!!

For more info and tickets see what the Fighting Squirrels are doing.

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1 comment:

melissa said...

:-( i wish i was eligible. but, alas, i'll be driving up from baton rouge friday morning.
i could probably tell you more about that man than he could.