04 May 2008

If we survive finals..

So we behind the golden, diamond-encrusted gates at the KSCL office (CAB donated us their budget for the last two weeks of April) are counting the hours until semester exams are over and we're out breathing the sweet swampy summer air of freedom.

Coming up over the next few weeks will be the release of a lot of interviews on podcast and on air, including the ones with environmentalist Dr. Garrison and medical ethicist Dr. Hackler. Hopefully we'll also get internet streaming going as well.

But until then, I'll be chugging coffee like it's going out of style while trying to convince myself to review that one nuclear physics problem with the helium atom splitting from the lithium atom one more time instead of watching old Colbert clips.... Has anyone else seen him at the 2006 White House Correspondents dinner? Probably the most hilarious thing that will ever be recorded on C-SPAN--watch it here.


Schleuss said...

Internet People!

is it really happening? will we be done with finals this week? please let it be so!

Anonymous said...

let's pray to the god of mercy that it be so...