22 May 2008

Dignan playing at Actor's Cafe (There'll be a contest too)

Mark Flentge & Co. are at it again. This time with Dignan, out of McAllen, Texas. The show is set for May 24th at the Actor's Cafe. 8 o'clock.

Musically, Dignan ranges quite a bit. Journalists note Arcade Fire and Borken Social Scene as inspirations. Dignan incorporates a variety of instruments too, such as the xylophone, accordion, and trombone. Personally, I dig them. They're low-key with an Owen/Audible sound driven by lounge vibes. Yeah, I just said lounge vibes. Don't worry though, they've got emotion.

Also, the beautiful All Get Out and And, Wellington will join the night's lineup.

So, what's the hubbub on this "contest." Flentge is working on a photo album for all Flentge Productions. Contestants just need to post a link to his myspace blog and provide their name. Winners will get free admission (along with a guest) to the next show, a copy of the newest album from the headlining band, a meet & greet, and be featured in the upcoming photo album. For more info, hit up that link. Be prepared for competition, I own a camera.

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