22 May 2008

First-Ever KSCL-Mobile!

Saturday, 17 May 2008, I found myself spray-painting Zakk's car... with his approval of course. Zakk, the new Music Director, agreed to let me art his car up with stencils and paint, so we spent the better half of the day working and eating chicken in a parking lot on Centenary's campus until we got it done. What we have as a result is the first-ever 2008 model "KSCL-mobile." This fine machine was once Zakk's navy blue '91 Mitsubishi Gallant. Now it is Zakk's black superhero car with- what's that? Oh yeah, those are lightning bolts...

According to Zakk, so far responses to the KSCL-mobile have been quite warm. Zakk has reported car honks and thumbs-up in approval as well as the occasional finger of disapproval from KSCL-haters.

Unfortunately, Zakk recently told me at a staff meeting that he was pulled over by a curious State Trooper only to be given a ticket for expired tags. Zakk pointed out that if he had not been painted with lightning bolts he probably would not have been stopped. For that I am truly sorry.

But all-in-all, Zakk and his mom pretty much love his new paint job. So all is well!

And, oh yeah, if you are a supporter of KSCL and see Zakk out in the "mobile" please honk your support. Also, if your a cop who loves our station, please don't pull Zakk over. He's really late for something important. Thanks!

Photos and Art Work by Tyler Davis

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