27 May 2008

A Few Reasons to Attend the Moviesauce Film Festival

Never heard of Moviesauce? Well, there are several reasons you might not have heard of this film fest, but that's why I'm here to spread the word! MSFF was started in 2005 by Evan Falbaum and Hunter Carter. These two, along with a smattering of other Magnet students, decided to start an independent student-run festival after CMHS canceled its own film fest. In its three years, it's grown from showing student shorts to feature length movies and documentaries.

Now, here are some reasons that YOU (yes, you) should get out this weekend and see what Moviesauce is all about:

  1. It's a Film Fest!! - Sure it might not be Sundance or Cannes, but it's the closest your gonna get here in Louisiana. In 2 days, you have the opportunity to see 12 films that you'll probably never see otherwise. Get out there and culture yourself!
  2. RFC - Robinson Film Center, you know, that really cool place that just opened? Shreveport has need a place like RFC for years and now it's here! Have you been there yet? No (don't worry, neither have I)? Well, get out of the house and go downtown this weekend and check it out!
  3. Cheaper than going to the movie theater - So I already mentioned that MSFF has 12 films showing. Well, they're divided into 5 programs over 2 days. Each program only costs $7. You can also get an Overdose Pass for all 5 programs for $30!
  4. Support local endeavors! - Moviesauce was started by guys from Shreveport, for Shreveport! Complain no more about the lack of things to do here. For at least this weekend, there's one event you can tend that's cheap and open to the entire public (no age restriction!).
  5. I Can't Go - Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, I will be out of town this weekend. I've attended the last two (and consequently the first two) Moviesauces and I'm saddened that I can go this year. I'm hoping that if one or two people read this and go, it'll make up for my absence. But you know, if ten or twelve of you decide to go because of this, that's cool too.
Moviesauce Film Festival takes place May 30th and 31th at the Robinson Film Center. For more information on tickets, film selections and program schedule, please check out the offical MSFF website.

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