14 May 2008

New Board- New Booth

On May13, our engineer, Eddy, took out our old sound board in the booth. I think it had been there since... when sound boards were invented? He was able to remove the board without disrupting the play of automated rotations. But, we are waiting on new wires to come in so that Eddy can install our NEW board (which we have). So until we can get the new sound board in place we are not going to have live shows. If you want to protest this decision, look at the picture of our broadcasting booth. If you are a DJ and you can do a show with a a speaker thingy and a red golf ball go for it! (sarcasm, please don't try to do a red golf ball show...)

Picture by Schleuss


Pjizz said...

where's the picture?!?!?!

Chris Jay said...

Holy sweet christ, the ghost is gone! That old soundboard has a long history in Shreveport. Murray Visor, who is on the KSCL advisory board, told me it was an early KWKH board that dated back to the 60's. So who knows what sweaty country music icons may have leaned over that thing. I loved the way the buttons kept breaking off. Yeah.

Chris said...

Sandy once told me that KSCL acquired the recently replaced sound board while he was working for the station. That would have been sometime around 1990-94. I just scanned through KSCL's history pages, and there are a few pics of the even older board, which had been used in the 1980s and early 1990s. I've been told it had large dials controlling the channels. Check out the link below for a nice photo of the old board in 1991.


Schleuss said...

it should be installed by thurs, god-willing. Me and Zakk are itching to do our shows!