24 May 2008

Saturday Links

Sadly, our board still isn't completely installed. I'm getting so stressed out about it. Good thing, Tyler, Zakk, Nadine, Liz, and (now) Kelly are working hard on their ends. We have some awesome things going on this summer, but it's all sortof hinging, on, erm, the board getting installed. Soon.

While we all wait around patiently for the board, let's do some linkin'.

Mark Flentge's Dignan show is tonight.
I'm gonna be there, I've saved up the dough. Will I see you? Remember to bring a camera.

Chris Brown has some great "Shreveport Music" photos on his Flickr.
I just found them the other day and am excited about the idea of a larger group with photos from more people. Maybe some Flickr-er wants to create a group for this purpose?

Kathryn Usher interviewed me for KTBS's "Neighborhood News Team" special.
I talked about Twitter, which is an amazing application, connecting people of like minds through 140-character posts. Have you seen Kathryn's blog? It's a great portrayal of life in Highland and downtown Shreveport. She was so nice to buy me coffee!

Music Blogging through college
Two guys from Massachusetts and Kentucky run the mp3-blog named "i guess i'm floating". They post news and music from the underground music scene. I get a lot of my own personal tunes from there. I've entertained the idea of spinning off a ksclmp3 blog for us, but now we're just too busy.

Polyvinyl Records is having a sale.
Dude, you know, like Mates of State, Aloha, Headlights, and of Montreal. Their sale will end on June 2nd, and they still have the entire discography from of Montreal going for $70USD. Every time I've ordered something from Polyvinyl I'm always surprised at the extra goodies they include in the box.

Jennifer Waits, a fan of college radio, blogs the scene.
I enjoy Jennifer's posts. She covers a wide range of stations across the country. Some good, some bad. It surprises me just how many DJs still do illegal things on air. However, it's awesome to see some stations excel under student leadership.

Enjoy the long (but gas-pricey) weekend!

photo creds to Kelly

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