09 May 2008

School's, yes, out for summer! / Rigby Fawkes

Hells ya! We're done baby, at least for a few months. And, speaking simply, we had a very, very hard semester. Us radio kids live a different life. We "do" school and run the radio station, a mammoth undertaking. No complaints from us, save that SGA should pay us more!

But today is not a day of complaints. We are all smiling. Real lines are being drawn across our faces. We're complete: the semester's over.

Ergo, let's pretend we're a snazzy music blog for a second. And here's your song. The band is now defunct, from Little Rock. I went to school with the band mates. Ed and I wore goofy ties to school for two years. Rigby Fawkes will reportedly get back together for a quick show June 4th-11th. Rumors about awesome bands getting back together make me nervous and excited! Well dearies, enjoy the day, because it's also FRIDAY!

Complete.mp3 - Rigby Fawkes

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