02 May 2008

Gas Strike Today, Shreveport

Gas Face
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Text messages are like viruses, which might just be a good thing. I was hesitant to say anything, but today is a GAS STRIKE, according to my phone.

er...we're boycottin' the petrol, baby! let's bring them prices down!

Here are the messages I've been getting:
"The nation is attempting a GAS STRIKE.....FRIDAY MAY 2nd. So DON'T buy gas that day. Send to everyone u know. Gas is going up to 4.09." -friend in Monroe, LA

"FWD: GAS STRIKE Friday May 2nd. Do not buy any gas that day!anywhere! Send 2 every one in your phone, so they can lower gas again like last time." -friend in Los Angeles, CA

"FWD FWD FWD FWD: GAS STRIKE on Friday May 2nd. Do not buy any gas that day! Send 2 every 1 in your phone! We'll cost the us 7 billion in loss." -friend here in Shreve

Hrm. I doubt we'll cost the US 7 billion, simple math tells me that. And I don't remember the "last time" we boycotted gas.

Has anyone else been getting these?

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