07 May 2008

KSCL.fm undergoing redesign [again]

Hey all,

We are so close to being finished with finals. I'll be done after one more project and I can't flippin' wait.

I've been working very hard on one project, for Web Design. I decided to take the kscl.fm site on, incorporating the history section in along the way. I'd love some feedback.

KSCL.fm redesign

So, here are my current notes:
-I wanted to go with a homepage that incorporated the blog and schedule in a smaller format.
-Our big push is toward interactivity (blogging, podcasting, internet streaming, & twitter?)
-Our history section is huge and needs an upgrade. I've only just started on it, but I'm going to add more stuff in the coming weeks. Currently the sidebar navigation doesn't work in Internet Explorer.
-I'm playing around with adding a sub navigation for the "News" section. In there, I'd post links to our various interviews & media.

Okay, I'll be updating this beast more over the coming weeks, but the brute of the work is done. D-O-N-E. Done!

Get excited about upcoming episodes from Nadine and me!
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Si said...

Nice start on the redesign. Hey, where are we with the online streaming?

Schleuss said...

if we got this grant we'll start this month. if not, maybe august...soon though yeah!

Nadine said...

jon!! link all of our lovely interviews on the news page. seriously. i bet like, three people will listen to them. that's a big deal for centenary!

Schleuss said...

true, true... i'll work on that tonight. the history section-i just can't get my head around a "good" navigation. i'd like to do a form, but that takes extra-coding skillz.

ps - the dr forrest interview got over 30 downloads. some things go well. we gotsta do more and post 'em. that seems like a good spot.


Si said...

Good news on the audio. Do you know the cost structure? Maybe we could fundraise among us KSCL alums to get it going in the interim. Heck, we should do this in general.

Schleuss said...

I think it will cost about $1500/year or so. It'll be paid for [eventually] by the money that SGA gives us.

The alums should fundraise! We could have swank parties!