24 May 2008

Boundary Lines: Islam with Sarah Zitterman

The latest Boundary Lines episode will discuss Islam in Shreveport with Sarah Zitterman. My thanks to Sarah and her husband, Halim, for agreeing to do the interview and for inviting me to the Islamic Center Yassin Mosque on Youree Drive for a Friday prayer meeting in April. The interview with Sarah was recorded at the Mosque where we discussed the history and theology of Islam as well as the role of women in the religion.

This episode also discusses Islam in comparison to the other Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism) and how it relates to them. Who is Prophet Muhammad? What role does Jesus play in Islam? Do we (the Abrahamic religions) all share the same God?

Sarah's episode with me will air on Thursdays June 5 and 12, 2008 at 6:00 PM.

Pictured above is a photo of the altar at the mosque I visited and left is a photo of Sarah and Halim.

Photos by Tyler Davis

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