19 February 2008

Colour Revolt Coming to Shreveport, Harlequin Alley

Holy Hell! Again another amazing poster Shannon Palmer. Who is this person? I want to buy her lunch!

the dirty:
Colour Revolt, Peekers, Porcealin Arms, Jaguar Shark, & And, Wellington
Sunday, March 9th @ 7p / $10
Harlequin Alley (516 Texas Street)

What makes the headliner so special?  Well, maybe it's because they're a cool indie rock band from Oxford, Mississippi. Oh yeah, with looks to kill. And about 22 thousand Myspace Friends to help out. Shreveport, get pumped.

The show, according to the Facebook Event, will be All Ages and cost $10 at the door. Doors open at 6p and the show will begin at 7p. Of course, alcohol will be available for those over the age of 21.

The show is a collaborative effort between Flentge Productions and Carbomb Productions. Mark Flentge, head of FP, states "this is going to probably be one of the biggest shows to hit our area in a long while."

Should be a great mix of local artists and other state-ly talents. Visit the Facebook Event for updates.

les MySpaces
Colour Revolt
Porcelain Arms
The Peekers
The Infamous Jaguar Shark
and, Wellington

photo credit: Mark Flentge & Shannon Palmer

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