21 February 2008

The Gunshy Coming to Shreveport via Jackrabbit

Matt Arbogast & Co. will be performing at the Jackrabbit Lounge (lil' joe's)  this Monday, February 25th. The show starts at 9:00pm. Mustangs and Madras will also perform. Since it's at Joe's it'll definitely be 21-and-up, unless that fake ID you own is super legit-looking.

Matt Arbogast, aka The Gunshy, performed in the KSCL lobby back in November. Now, he'll be right across the street with the rest of his band.

For those unfamiliar with the Gunshy, Arbogast's vocals are raspy and wild. It is truly beautiful. And you wouldn't be able to tell his singing voice by just talking to him on the street.

Jackrabbit's MySpace has some phenomenal upcoming shows. The Lonely H and Parts and Labor will be here in March. The manager of the Jackrabbit is new, too, so make sure you give him a hard time. Joe's (the diner end) is a staple to our area and has had some ruff times in the past months. Support them all you can!

I believe Mr. Christ Jay with the Robinson Film Center created a Facebook event. It's probably the only socially acceptable time to invite yourself to anything. I'd totally be there, but there's the I'm-not-21-yet. But you can tell me about it!

photo credit: oh it's amanda

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saratoga said...

Har Har, Christ Jay.

Schleuss said...

oops, typo. oh well, kinda works too...