28 February 2008

The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful [Music Review]

Members of The Kills, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince create rhythmic anthems about boredom and straight-laced guys. This duo is a saner version of The White Stripes. In high school, I imagine that they were those rebellious cool cats.

The first song features people clapping as the continual beat from which the song is built around. Every now and then, a snare drum interludes. The snare solo is reminiscent of high school marching bands. The second song, U.R.A Fever, starts off with a strange dial tone that from what I can tell has nothing to do with the theme of the song. This feature is carried throughout the song in a sparse rhythmic pattern. The dial tone also closes the song. The song is very cool and downbeat. Their lyrics are rebellious in nature. The lyrics from U.R.A Fever, in particular “We are fever,” suggest that the duo’s social status is similar to a disease, or maybe I read too much into that one.

Straight up and in-your-face female vocalist, Alison Mosshart, has a sexy, smooth sound. She sounds like a punk cheerleader. Jamie Hince’s vocals are just as sexy and cool but in male sounding ways because he is a man. Together, they create an amazing sound different from regular punk, indie rock.

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