22 February 2008

Actor's Café, All Age Venue Opens Doors [New Venue]

It makes me so happy to see amazing people do amazing things in Shreveport. This is my newest find.

Actor's Café is a new bar/restaurant/venue located at 1401 Fairfield Ave. From venue's MySpace, "Our goal is to provide a fun atmosphere where musicians, actors, artists, and the public can showcase their talents while enjoying tasty food and a full bar."

Jeffrey Nightbyrd, the owner lists several upcoming events:
Thursday is always Actors Showcase. See info below
Friday sparkling Alana Dyson plays and sings with Kern Courtney. 8pm.
Saturday Ladies Night and the Shreveport Belly Dancers will perform. Trudeau has more info.
Sunday Academy Awards Party, doors open at 5pm.
Monday Dan Garner of the Tipitina's Music Co-op brings his popular singer/songwriter jam to the café. This had quite a following at Java Junction (now Skinworks).
Tuesday is when signed Acclaim actors gather to do scenes for upcoming movie auditions in the back room.
Wednesday musicians gather for the Music Jam. All good musicians are welcome.

Attention Aspiring Actors

Every Thursday at the Actor's Café we will be holding an "Actors Showcase".

Come perform a scene or a monologue of your choosing for five minutes on stage without getting the "gong." At least one winner every night. Free beverages for contestants. Fun atmosphere. Over a period of 8 contests we will see who the best of the best is. Real movie casting directors will choose the final winners. The final winners will win an agency contract and photo shoot. So come give it your best shot this Thursday at the Actors Café! Do a scene with a friend or a monologue. Starts at 8pm (sign up early)

Actor's Café address and phone:
1401 Fairfield Shreveport 71101 (google)

image courtesy of Actor's Café MySpace
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thingything said...

This looks/sounds so cool! Excellent find, thanks for linking us to it.

thingything said...

Umm..that was me, Versha. Apparently last summer I was playing around with blogger and named my google account "thingything." Haha sorry