09 February 2008

Two Great Shows Tonight!

Wanted to point two shows going on in Shreveport tonight.
The first will be at the Jackrabbit Lounge (163 E Kings). The second will be at The Warehouse (630 Commerce). Both Shows are $5. The show at the Jackrabbit will be the manager's going away show. It'll be Jen's last night to work at Joe's so, it most likely will be a wild send off. The bands are Power Pellut, RaRa, and the Peekers.

The show at The Warehouse is Why The Hell Not?'s multi-CD release party. Dan Garner, Mr. Christopher, the Dark Pop Project, and the Hoodlum Circus are playing. For those in the know, our own DJ Camille is in the Hoodlum Circus. There's more info on the show at Trudeau's blog. Enjoy the night!

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trudeau said...

Saw your post on Google Alerts / Blogs under the tag "Shreveport." Happy to see the blog's rolling. Thanks for the link, too!