08 April 2008

LSUS Student Activities Board to host Tyler Read, New Frontiers, and more [Concerts]

Mark Flentge & Co. (aka LSUS Student Activities Board) are hosting a concert with Tyler Read, Quiet Company, New Frontiers, and Alive in Wild Paint on Friday, April 25th. It all goes down at the UC Theater at 7:00pm sharp! It's open to the public, is all ages, and will cost $10 to any non-LSUS-student.

Flentge recently hopped on board with LSUS's Student Activities Board (SAB) after throwing 13 successful shows around town. It's his first show with SAB.

The concert is part of LSUS's Spring Fling. When asked about the benefits of this concert happening during Spring Fling, Flentge responded, "the school wanted an event to reach out to the school and community." He went on, "I'm sort of blessed with really good timing for things. I really am appreciative of this gift." Luckily the bands could come together.

The MySpace Linkage:

Tyler Read
The New Frontiers
Alive In Wild Paint
Quiet Company

Facebook Event

photo creds to Mark Flentge
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shannon p said...

mark is th' man.

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