08 April 2008

Student Government Open Forum, Have questions for potential candidates?

Student Government elections are now underway. Sadly, there's only one contested position: President. Junior Corey Shadd and sophomore Matthew Wallace are running for the post. All candidates will be in the Centenary room (Bynum Commons) tonight, April 8th at 7:00pm to discuss their plans for next year.

The reason I feel confident posting this on our blog is because SGA directly affects KSCL (a chartered organization) that serves the community. You guys are the audience. So, come show your support for organizations like KSCL. I see connecting the community to Centenary as vital to the college's future. KSCL 91.3FM is part of your community.

The Candidates are:
Corey Shadd (cshadd@centenary.edu)
Matthew Wallace (mwallace@centenary.edu)

Vice President of Internal Affairs:
Emma Cook

Vice President of External Affairs:
Marcus Jauregui

Sam Timpa

William Takewell
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