29 April 2008

Centenary Art: Feild and Waggenspack, shows running for two weeks

Helen Feild and Emily Waggenspack (pictured) are putting up their senior art work. Emily's in motion, trying to put up as much as she can, meanwhile I dodge class. The shows are on display in the Turner Art Center, our right-brained hideaway on campus.

Helen's show will be in the Airstream, casually parked on Rutherford Street. The two shows opened today and will run through May 10th. The reception will be this Sunday, May 4th at 4:00pm.

and they shall be called:
The Art of Communication ("Divided"), Emily Waggenspack
Big Circle, little circle, Helen Feild

Emily's work is a multi-panel life-size comic illustrating her troubles overcoming a learning disability. Helen's, on the other hand, focuses on several pieces she's produced at Centenary (on circumference, both paintings and drawings).

There are a couple more pictures on my Flickr account, enjoy!
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