26 April 2008

KSCL: We're Legal on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I wanted to share a clip from KSCL's past. 1997. This was two years before the historic bid from Red River Radio to buyout half of KSCL's hours. Steve "Stump" Moffat would have been either the music director or station manager, I can't remember which. Allyson Eddy and him switched roles their junior/senior year. This flyer would have been written around the time those two were in power, so to say.

Here's a snippet from Stump's "The Word" and his entry into the "KSCL culture":

upon my arrival in shrevesdale, i had little to do aside from sit on the front porch of sexton hall and watch folks leave the caf...oh, excuse me; the dining hall. i heard from one of my new friends that the campus radio station was looking for more dj's. having no idea whatsoever of where such a radio station might be, the friend and i wandered across kings hwy. to a nearby country station thinking that, perhaps, this was kscl. we were promptly sent back to campus wondering where we'd gone wrong. someone corrected our misdirection, and we headed to the top floor of the union building. all of the doors to the radio station were locked, and loud rap was coming from what i later learned was the office area. eventually, erich nunn, music director at the time, opened the door to the lobby. thus my time at kscl came to an uneventful start.

Stump went on to do some really terrific things for the station. The rest of the story can be found in our history section.
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saratoga said...

Eric Nunn later taught at Centenary for like, maybe a year, and did a really bad job of it.

Schleuss said...

yuck! what previous music director would be a good professor? i mean, i sure won't be...you?

shannon Palmer said...

i followed the link and read more;
chris brown, alphabetizing cds. who would've guessed?