10 January 2008

The New Frontiers (upcoming show)

MySpace.com - Flentge Productions

Mark Flentge has a new show coming up. These three acts will be worth the nominal fee of 5 bucks. First off, I have to give a shout-out to the design of this poster. It's beautiful! I plan to steal one from starbucks as soon as the show's over.

Besides the beauty of the poster, I wanted to mention that each of these bands has some really cool vibes to 'em. Missoni, an old KSCL DJ, is used to playing at Jayne Marie. Their Myspace links are below. Happy tuning & hope to see you there!

The New Frontiers
Quiet Company
Missoni Lanza

other sites of interest:
"The New Frontiers exhibit nothing less than a keen sense of music’s intrinsic healing power." -Steve Henderson

"...Truly ingenious music makers, Quiet Company is a band to expect great things from." - ksmooth97

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