29 July 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

In approximately two weeks I, your faithful station manager, will depart on another part of my life's journey.

I'm leaving Centenary at the beginning of my junior year to attend the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. It's a decision upon which I've spent a considerable amount of time. Contemplating. But it's official, I've signed a lease and registered for classes, so I'm off to a new land.

My college career has been stressful, in short, much like any student's. Whatever the present circumstances, our radio station kept me strong and alive. Through KSCL I've met hundreds of groovy individuals, experienced amazing live music, and achieved goals I never dreamed possible.

Fear not! There are more good days ahead for Centenary Radio. Kelly Dunnigan will take over the post, running it as only she knows best. I'm down in the history books, just like everyone before me. It was a good run, and it'll be even better for you, the listener.

My last week in town will be spent editing our projects, finishing the website, and training the staff for life without Jon. I imagine the future will be just fine, just as it has in the past.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the individuals who've helped me on my journey. There were some bad days. And god knows there were some good.

27 July 2008

Video Killed the Radio Star

I'm sitting here reviewing Conor Oberst's new solo CD (and from what I've heard, it's very promising) eagerly awaiting 10:00pm. Why 10:00pm? Do I have something fun and exciting to do? Never.

Just kidding, I occasionally have fun and exciting things to do, but not tonight.

Tonight at 10:00pm I'm going to be watching the news. KTAL Channel 6 (aka the local news station on NBC) to be precise. Today a man named Jeremy from KTAL came and filmed Tyler, Zakk and I around the station and got a bit of my show "The Sound and the Fury." There will be a little spot about it on the news and I think everyone is excited. Check out the write up about KSCL on KTAL's website here!

That's it for now. Stay tuned kiddos for some major shifts at KSCL soon. Everyone's hoping that these changes will be very good for the station; however, they'll come at a cost. Don't worry though! Everyone is alive and well. All I can say is that Jon better be watching out for Cazes and his car.

23 July 2008

Sloan steals the number 1 slot!

On this week's KSCL Top 30 Countdown, it was a fight to the end for the number 1 spot. There were some great debuting artist such as: Hotchacha with their album Rifle, I Knew You When You Were Just a Pistol, Windmill with their album Puddle City Racing Lights, Silver Jews with their album Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, and we finally got the full length album Partie Traumatic by the Black Kids. Some tough falls this week were: The Ting Tings, Walter Meego, Minus the Bear, Colin Meloy, the Warped Tour '08 Soundtrack, and the Offspring. Now moving on to our Inside the Five.

5) Wolf Parade with At Mount Zoomer: This is Wolf Parade's first time in the Top 5. Last week they were number 8 and they move up 3 slots to number five. At Mount Zoomer is their second full length album on Sub Pop. Wolf Parade has been charting with us for some time and they finally make it in the Top 5. Will they be able to make a stretch next week for the number 1 spot?

4) Ladytron with Velocfiero: Ladytron has been on a slow decline from when they hit the number 1 spot. Last week they were number 2 and they fall to number 4. Ladytron's new album incorporates a poppy sound to their electronic music. Ladytron has been at number 1, but with this slight decline will they be able to make back to the top?

3) Fleet Foxes with Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes were number 1 last week and they drop to the number 3 slot. Fleet Foxes have been number 1 only one time. Fleet Foxes' album carries a rich sound with lots of instrumentations. Amazing production of composition and arrangement. Will Fleet Foxes be able to taste that number 1 spot again?

2) N.E.R.D with Seeing Sounds: N.E.R.D stands still this week at number 2. They have been so close to number 1 spot, but have not been quite there. N.E.R.D stands for No One Ever Really Dies and they stand by that. N.E.R.D's new album is great. The lyrics are well established and their sound is as if I could see sounds. Will their hip-hop sound be enough to be number 1 next week?

1) Sloan with Parallel Play: Sloan makes a major jump to the number 1 slot. Last week, they were number 4. Sloan's new album is a continuation of the musical concepts put forth on their last album. They take Parallel Play from a psychology term which is a behavior seen in young children in which they enjoy independent activities in the company of other children. That right there is what Sloan is about in their new album.

Will Sloan be able to stay at the number 1 slot next week? There are some top competitors for the next week's number 1 slot like: Coldplay, Black Kids, Supergrass, My Morning Jackets, and Weezer. Tune into the show today Wednesday from 3-6pm to find out where your favorite artists are on the countdown.
Til next week, Zakk!

19 July 2008

KSCL Covers Howard Dean in Shreveport

Democratic National Committee Chairman and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean visited Shreveport this morning as part of the national Register for Change bus tour.

After an introduction by Louisiana Field Director for Obama Alex Okrent, Dean encouraged the crowd gathered to get out the vote and get involved in the campaign. Dean talked about the importance of competing in all states in this election, including states who do not traditionally vote Democrat, such as Louisiana. Standing in the stadium behind Galilee Baptist Church, Dean made an analogy to the next team who might play there; he said that if the team never made it to the field, then they would always lose. He said it was time for the Democratic party to get into the field in Louisiana and make it a blue state.

Dean also stated that it was important to register voters who might have become disenfranchised in the last election and to register voters across the board. Dean spoke about the future of politics and how the Democratic party plans to reach out to the younger generation of Evangelical Christians through the three issues that most concern them: poverty, climate change, and Darfur, which are more of a Democratic party platform. He emphasized that this was the people's election and not the politicians-- and it was about neighbor-to-neighbor, friend-to-friend discussions.

Dean said that it was time to move away from the Bush administration's divisive politics and move to a unified America. He said that although John McCain would offer another Bush term, Barack Obama wanted to be president of a unified America. A theme of the talk was that the election could and would only be won for the people and by the people, not for and by Washington. Dean said, "It's not me or Barack that's going to win this election, it's you that's going to win this election."

After the talk Dean took questions from the press (including KSCL!) and that coverage will air soon. For more information on Louisiana campaigning for Obama, please visit http://laforobama.blogspot.com/

18 July 2008

Starbucks closures in Shreveport/Bossier

Starbucks Corp has just released the list of store closures.

Download the list (pdf)

In Shreveport, we'll lose the I-20 & Pines location. (map) The next near store closing will be in Monroe. So much for java culture there. Now's the time to move it underground.

Baton Rouge is being hit unusually hard, losing a nine out of its eighteen stores.

And I was just getting excited about the sortof free iPhone WiFi in Starbucks locations.

Louisiana's List

17 July 2008

Howard Dean in Shreveport for Register for Change Tour

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean will lead a national grassroots voter registration effort on a three-day cross-country Register for Change Bus Tour. The tour builds on the Democratic National Committee's 50-State Strategy as well as Senator Barack Obama's commitment to run a 50-state campaign for the presidency.

Dean says, "Over the next few weeks we'll be visiting towns and cities in every corner of the country -- even states where you might not expect Democrats to show up. I want to show Americans how our people-powered movement is changing the country by stopping in as many places as we can to register new voters and open up our political process."

Dean kicked off the Register for Change tour today in Crawford, Texas. He heads to Louisiana tomorrow to visit New Orleans and will also stop by Jackson, MS. On Saturday he will visit Shreveport and Baton Rouge. For more information on the bus tour and to register to attend an event, please visit http://www.democrats.org/page/-/bus/RegisterChange.html

Howard Dean's Shreveport stop will take place Saturday, July 19th at:

Galilee Baptist Church Parking Lot
1500 Pierre Avenue
8:30 am to 9:45 am

To register to attend the Shreveport event, please visit http://www.democrats.org/page/s/Shreveport

16 July 2008

We Didn't Start the Fire!

The fire in the electrical manhole that is.

If you're trying to figure out why KSCL is off-air right now, well, it's because there was a bit of a mishap on campus. If you tuned in to the Top 30 show around 3:30ish you might have heard Zakk, Cazes and I proclaim that the lights were flickering on and off. This started right as I walked into the lobby, which means that at first, it must have been my fault. We managed to start an Alkaline Trio song before the power went out for good. Zakk called Jon. I called DPS. We went to explore the damage.

All the power was out on the third floor of the SUB, only half on the second, and the basement level (with the post office and student life) had full power. We headed back upstairs, but it was clear that we couldn't do anything. So we headed down to the second floor where Cazes and his friend Danny played some ping pong and then chair jousted. I made a sign which I later hung in the lobby. Check it out if you're ever up there.

Then Zakk, Cazes, Danny and I all proceeded to call Cha Cha, a service which will answer any question to the best of their abilities. Yes, real people answer you too! We had a variety of silly stupid questions along with a few important ones. Like "How many licks to the center of a toostie pop?" The answer: 364. I kid you not. Ask Cha Cha.

We discovered the source of the power outage was a fire in an electrical manhole right outside Rotary. Electrical Manhole. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Best band name ever. Cazes called dibs on it though. Someone told us the power would be back on soon... we waited and waited. In Centenary Speak, "soon" means "eventually" and "eventually" means "not today, or maybe today if we get around to it." However, since it's after 5, they probably said, "Time to go home, we'll fix it tomorrow."

I guess it's a waiting game. Though I have no idea how we'll find out when the power comes back on unless we're there.

Maintain radio silence, dearies. Until next time.

The Top 30 Blog is Back!!!

This week's Top 30 is the stuff. We have a lot of new music on the chart and a set of brand new CD's in the Top 5. So here we go!!!

5) Colin Meloy "Colin Meloy Sings Live": This CD has been doing marvelous on the Top 30 and continues to be in the Top 10 for the past 3 weeks. Colin Meloy is the front man for the Decemberists and is solo in this live CD. Colin Meloy drops this week from number 3 slot to number 5 slot. Will Colin Meloy have what it takes to be number 1 next week?

4) Sloan "Parallel Play": If you tuned into last week's show then you must have heard Kelly and I sing one of Sloan's songs live on air. Reasons for this behavior was that Sloan's new CD was missing so we improvised. lol. Anyways, Sloan is sitting back at the number 4 slot. Last week they were number 2. Can they get back to the number 2 slot and try to get the golden number 1 slot?

3) Ladytron "Velocifero": Ladytron new CD a one of the best summer jams. Ladytron rocks it out hardcore with a new rhythms and all sorts of stuff. If you haven't heard their new CD then go buy it. Ladytron falls from number 1 slot to number 3 slot.

2) N*E*R*D "Seeing Sounds": N*E*R*D initials symbolize Nobody Ever Really Dies. N*E*R*D has been on a steady climb to number one ever since it hit the charts. Kill Joy and Spaz have been more of the popular songs played at KSCL. N*E*R*D moves up from number 5 to number 2. Can they make to number 1 next week?

1) Fleet Foxes "Fleet Foxes": Fleet Foxes are number one this week and they continue to be a superior force on our countdown. Fleet Foxes has had amazing reviews from the DJ's here at KSCL and the Shreveport/Bossier community. Fleet Foxes finish on top rising from the number 4 slot. Will they be able to hold back the competition?

All right that is your Top 5 Artist for the week. Some people that might be contenders for number 1 are: Weezer, Black Kids, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Offspring and much more. Tune in Wednesday from 3-6pm to find out where everyone is and also check out spinitron the show!!!!!!

09 July 2008

What's happening Thursday

Just a reminder,

We've canceled the event set for Thursday. Everything. So, don't expect anything save a quiet KSCL.

Sorry we decided on it. Things were ruff for multiple parties. However, there's more stuff coming this fall so don't lose hope!

Be sure to check out Missoni Lanza and Angie Mattson at Jayne Marie on Cross Lake.

07 July 2008

AJ Haynes, Hawaiian punch, and a party [Canceled]

[Update] We've canceled the event. Sad, I know. :(

We're having a get-together this Thursday, July 10th at 7pm. We're not really sure what will happen. Nat has called and can't make it to town on time. But AJ Haynes is still excited about playing.

So, how about this? Hawaiian punch, cookies, and live music in the Student Union. Whatever money is earned will be donated to the band.

I'm waiting for word on any other possible performers. I was thinking that just a party (sans alchie) would be wicked fun. Then we could all go and see Missoni at Jayne Marie.

There's a Facebook event and directions on our homepage.