16 July 2008

The Top 30 Blog is Back!!!

This week's Top 30 is the stuff. We have a lot of new music on the chart and a set of brand new CD's in the Top 5. So here we go!!!

5) Colin Meloy "Colin Meloy Sings Live": This CD has been doing marvelous on the Top 30 and continues to be in the Top 10 for the past 3 weeks. Colin Meloy is the front man for the Decemberists and is solo in this live CD. Colin Meloy drops this week from number 3 slot to number 5 slot. Will Colin Meloy have what it takes to be number 1 next week?

4) Sloan "Parallel Play": If you tuned into last week's show then you must have heard Kelly and I sing one of Sloan's songs live on air. Reasons for this behavior was that Sloan's new CD was missing so we improvised. lol. Anyways, Sloan is sitting back at the number 4 slot. Last week they were number 2. Can they get back to the number 2 slot and try to get the golden number 1 slot?

3) Ladytron "Velocifero": Ladytron new CD a one of the best summer jams. Ladytron rocks it out hardcore with a new rhythms and all sorts of stuff. If you haven't heard their new CD then go buy it. Ladytron falls from number 1 slot to number 3 slot.

2) N*E*R*D "Seeing Sounds": N*E*R*D initials symbolize Nobody Ever Really Dies. N*E*R*D has been on a steady climb to number one ever since it hit the charts. Kill Joy and Spaz have been more of the popular songs played at KSCL. N*E*R*D moves up from number 5 to number 2. Can they make to number 1 next week?

1) Fleet Foxes "Fleet Foxes": Fleet Foxes are number one this week and they continue to be a superior force on our countdown. Fleet Foxes has had amazing reviews from the DJ's here at KSCL and the Shreveport/Bossier community. Fleet Foxes finish on top rising from the number 4 slot. Will they be able to hold back the competition?

All right that is your Top 5 Artist for the week. Some people that might be contenders for number 1 are: Weezer, Black Kids, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Offspring and much more. Tune in Wednesday from 3-6pm to find out where everyone is and also check out spinitron the show!!!!!!


Kelly said...

Oh this week was total fail.

Sammy said...

That picture you have for Fleet Foxes is definitely 100% not Fleet Foxes, but Menomena.

Sincerely keeping you in check,