23 July 2008

Sloan steals the number 1 slot!

On this week's KSCL Top 30 Countdown, it was a fight to the end for the number 1 spot. There were some great debuting artist such as: Hotchacha with their album Rifle, I Knew You When You Were Just a Pistol, Windmill with their album Puddle City Racing Lights, Silver Jews with their album Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, and we finally got the full length album Partie Traumatic by the Black Kids. Some tough falls this week were: The Ting Tings, Walter Meego, Minus the Bear, Colin Meloy, the Warped Tour '08 Soundtrack, and the Offspring. Now moving on to our Inside the Five.

5) Wolf Parade with At Mount Zoomer: This is Wolf Parade's first time in the Top 5. Last week they were number 8 and they move up 3 slots to number five. At Mount Zoomer is their second full length album on Sub Pop. Wolf Parade has been charting with us for some time and they finally make it in the Top 5. Will they be able to make a stretch next week for the number 1 spot?

4) Ladytron with Velocfiero: Ladytron has been on a slow decline from when they hit the number 1 spot. Last week they were number 2 and they fall to number 4. Ladytron's new album incorporates a poppy sound to their electronic music. Ladytron has been at number 1, but with this slight decline will they be able to make back to the top?

3) Fleet Foxes with Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes were number 1 last week and they drop to the number 3 slot. Fleet Foxes have been number 1 only one time. Fleet Foxes' album carries a rich sound with lots of instrumentations. Amazing production of composition and arrangement. Will Fleet Foxes be able to taste that number 1 spot again?

2) N.E.R.D with Seeing Sounds: N.E.R.D stands still this week at number 2. They have been so close to number 1 spot, but have not been quite there. N.E.R.D stands for No One Ever Really Dies and they stand by that. N.E.R.D's new album is great. The lyrics are well established and their sound is as if I could see sounds. Will their hip-hop sound be enough to be number 1 next week?

1) Sloan with Parallel Play: Sloan makes a major jump to the number 1 slot. Last week, they were number 4. Sloan's new album is a continuation of the musical concepts put forth on their last album. They take Parallel Play from a psychology term which is a behavior seen in young children in which they enjoy independent activities in the company of other children. That right there is what Sloan is about in their new album.

Will Sloan be able to stay at the number 1 slot next week? There are some top competitors for the next week's number 1 slot like: Coldplay, Black Kids, Supergrass, My Morning Jackets, and Weezer. Tune into the show today Wednesday from 3-6pm to find out where your favorite artists are on the countdown.
Til next week, Zakk!

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