16 July 2008

We Didn't Start the Fire!

The fire in the electrical manhole that is.

If you're trying to figure out why KSCL is off-air right now, well, it's because there was a bit of a mishap on campus. If you tuned in to the Top 30 show around 3:30ish you might have heard Zakk, Cazes and I proclaim that the lights were flickering on and off. This started right as I walked into the lobby, which means that at first, it must have been my fault. We managed to start an Alkaline Trio song before the power went out for good. Zakk called Jon. I called DPS. We went to explore the damage.

All the power was out on the third floor of the SUB, only half on the second, and the basement level (with the post office and student life) had full power. We headed back upstairs, but it was clear that we couldn't do anything. So we headed down to the second floor where Cazes and his friend Danny played some ping pong and then chair jousted. I made a sign which I later hung in the lobby. Check it out if you're ever up there.

Then Zakk, Cazes, Danny and I all proceeded to call Cha Cha, a service which will answer any question to the best of their abilities. Yes, real people answer you too! We had a variety of silly stupid questions along with a few important ones. Like "How many licks to the center of a toostie pop?" The answer: 364. I kid you not. Ask Cha Cha.

We discovered the source of the power outage was a fire in an electrical manhole right outside Rotary. Electrical Manhole. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Best band name ever. Cazes called dibs on it though. Someone told us the power would be back on soon... we waited and waited. In Centenary Speak, "soon" means "eventually" and "eventually" means "not today, or maybe today if we get around to it." However, since it's after 5, they probably said, "Time to go home, we'll fix it tomorrow."

I guess it's a waiting game. Though I have no idea how we'll find out when the power comes back on unless we're there.

Maintain radio silence, dearies. Until next time.

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