22 November 2008

Failure in a Few Ways

I'm a bad, bad Station Manager. I don't update this blog nearly enough. I could give a lot of excuses, one being that I'm still settling into my dual life as student and manager extraordinaire. Honestly, I just can't find time to sit down and blog and when I do have time, I'm always doing a hundred different things I need to be doing. But here it is, the long awaited Thanksgiving Break! I have time, finally. But I also have something to blog about...

Monday November, 24th, 2008 KSCL will be off-air. Don't freak out. Centenary is doing work on electrical conduits (what that mean, no one really knows) so power will be out for most of the campus. No one is clear how long these repairs will last, but there is a possibility that the power will still be out on Tuesday. Unfortunately there's nothing much we can do other than wait it out.

We've dealt with power outages before (both expected and unexpected) and luckily we've had more than a days notice this time. Unfortunately, it's hard to get word out to the listeners. I know we'll probably get a million phone calls (that no one, including the answering machine, will answer).

Now, I can promise to update more regularly, or I can promise to keep the station trucking along. In all honesty, I can make sure I can do the latter. The former, I'll try. Please don't hurt me!

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