20 November 2008

'Cause You Don't Know What Ya Got Till It's Gone...

This is a personal entry. About my finger. And trust me it's relevant to radio. I promise.

So, recently I've taken this endeavor to motorize my Schwinn Cruiser bicycle thereby turning it into an awesome moped that will make me cooler than your burnt out, punk-rock uncle and a total chick magnet to boot.

Anyway, today I was working on my bike, minding my own manly business when all of a sudden I lose my grip on the screw driver I was using, and my knuckle on my right index finger catches the sharp tip of a shiny, exposed handlebar. DEEP CUT!


I bleed. I see the blood. I feel like crying, but curse instead because that's what a real man does. And then I almost faint while cleaning the wound...

Now it doesn't look that bad in the pics, but that's because I cleaned it. I was worried I might need stitches, however that terrifies me, so I just decided to put the flap of skin back on my finger and bandage it up.

Why am I telling all this to you on the KSCL blog? Because right now I am sitting at my laptop typing with gauze and a sawed-off No. 2 Office Max pencil taped to my finger for a splint wondering how in the heck I'm gonna press all the damn buttons in the radio station tomorrow.

My finger hurts. And it's like black and stuff now.

This is a message mainly to all you youngsters out there (and maybe a message to some of you oldsters too). And it's a relevant message with Thanksgiving approaching too. The message is "be thankful for what you have even if it's a index finger that works properly, cause we all take things like index fingers for granted sometimes."

That being said, I want for all of you to think about what you are thankful for whenever you turn on 91.3 FM this Thanksgiving. Thank you.


Jon Schleuss said...

It's like Tyler just did a Public Service Announcement.

Kelly said...

Look at you, Tyler, being all pose-y and modelesque... with that atrocious, bloody finger.

Tyler Program Director said...

I'm ouch-chic.